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Planning to buy a complete end-to-end recruitment agency software, but confused about which one will be the best fit for your business? Read on; we have made your work easier. 

In this blog, we have listed the 11 best software for recruitment agencies – 

Software for Recruitment Agencies: Why do you need one?

Recruiting agency software is an umbrella term that includes various aspects of the recruitment process, including Recruitment CRM (customer relationship management), ATS (Applicant tracking system), recruitment marketing systems, etc.

It’s a tool for Recruiting Agencies to optimize, digitize, and automate the hiring process. 

It allows you to track and evaluate candidates on behalf of your clients.  

Throughout the hiring process, you can leverage recruiting agency software to interact, communicate, and establish relationships with both candidates and clients. In fact, according to Capterra, 75% of recruiters leverage recruiting software to make their hiring process effective.

This software designed specifically for recruitment agencies, can assist you from application to onboarding to build a widespread pool of qualified candidates. It helps you make informed decisions based on reports and analytics.

Thus, these recruiting tools can make your hiring process 10x more efficient and faster.

Benefits of using software for recruitment agencies 

The war for talent is ever-intensifying. As your clients grow, their need for talent grows at a rapid pace in a seemingly ever-shrinking talent pool!

In the last few decades, for most of the frontier industries, talent demand has far surpassed the talent supply – making the role of recruiters ever more critical and recruiting tougher!

To ensure that you stay ahead of the curve in an ultra-competitive recruiting market – your recruiting agency needs technology and recruiting software to help you do just that!

Here is how recruitment software can benefit you

  • Positive candidate experience

Your hiring process is a connecting road between your clients and the candidates. If the road is bumpy (bad candidate experience), you won’t be able to lead the top candidates to your clients.

80% of candidates surveyed in the research agreed that positive experience during the hiring process has influenced their decision to accept a job offer.  

Recruitment software is crucial in providing a positive candidate experience. It offers a streamlined application process, automated communication at every stage, centralized candidate management for personalized interactions, enhanced stakeholder collaboration, mobile-friendly access, and data-driven insights for continuous improvement.

These features ensure a user-friendly, transparent, and efficient hiring process, ultimately enhancing the employer brand and attracting top talent.

  • Smart hiring by reducing the time to hire

Gone are the days when lengthy hiring processes cost recruiting agencies time, money, and qualified candidates. With recruitment software, you can now shorten the time to hire by eliminating manual work.

86% of recruiters have agreed on the fact that recruitment agency software has made their hiring process faster.

It also helps your teams save time by streamlining the workflow so that you can find the best candidates for your clients at a turbo speed.

  • Efficient data organization and monitoring 

Save your teams from manual data entry with recruiting software. With integrated ATS and recruiting CRM, you can streamline your data management and monitoring. 

Recruiting tools can organize and automate data efficiency, from managing qualified candidates to billing and sales.  

  • Streamlined communication

You can streamline the entire communication process with features like syncing emails and calendar events related to candidates and contacts in the system.

This will help your team work on a particular candidate with all the information exchanged with that candidate in the past. 

  • Automate your Hiring process

Recruiting software can automate many aspects of your hiring process, from data collection of candidates to interview scheduling. According to research, AI-powered recruiting software is stated to be great for Sourcing Candidates (58%), Screening Candidates (56%), and Nurturing Candidates (55%). 

With reduced admin work, recruitment automation will allow you to focus on doing what matters – building lasting relationships with your candidates and clients.

Buyer’s guide: How to select the best software for recruitment agencies

68% of recruiting professionals agreed that investing in recruitment software is the best method of increasing recruiting performance over the next five years. Recruiting software can be a game changer for your agency.

But how do you decide which recruiting software is best for your agency? 

The decision might seem even more difficult due to the variety of options available in the market.

Here are a few things you should look for before choosing software for recruiting agencies-

  1. Email Sequences: Email sequences will help you manage your outreach to passive talent and generate a lot more conversations by automating your follow-ups. 
  2. Job Postings & Integrations: Integration with job boards and social media channels is necessary to widen your reach and broaden your talent pool
  3. Applicant Tracking System: It’s an essential feature to manage, organize, and standardize a pile of candidate data efficiently.
  4. Usability: The software should have a simple, easy-to-use interface. 
  5. Customer support: Look for a recruiting tool that can be reached out to conveniently, especially when you have no previous experience in using a hiring tool.
  6. Analytics: It should provide you with accurate metrics to inspire data-driven decisions in your business. 

Did you know? 55% of recruiters acknowledge their ATS/CRM software as an important source of talent acquisition.

Top 11 software for recruitment agencies in 2024

1. Recruiterflow – Best ATS & CRM for Recruitment agencies

best recruiting software badge

Recruiterflow rated 4.8/5 on Capterra

Free Trial: Offers 14-day free trial

Pricing: $85/month/user.

Recruiterflow helps you transform your recruitment process with a robust and intuitive recruitment ecosystem. 

It’s a complete operating system that you’d need to run and scale your recruiting agency. 

It can catch your eye with features like-

  • Recruiterflow ATS will help you to effectively track candidate data with data on the candidate pipeline, manage candidates with an activity log 
  • CRM helps you nurture client relationships and track deals.
  • Customizable Branding to make your agency stand out. 
  • Personalized email sequences to engage candidates, improve candidate experience with constant communication, and boost your outreach
  • Recruiting automation to help you automate your workflow, including communication, resume parsing, interview scheduling, calendar organization, and other activities.
  • Analytics and Reporting to help you keep track of KPIs, sales analytics, etc.
  • Recruiterflow is the best recruitment software for small businesses as well as mid-size and large recruiting agencies.

Why is Recuiterflow the best solution for your recruiting business?

Recruiterflow is the best solution for full-desk recruiting. The unique features of Recruiterflow can help you deliver an extraordinary experience to your clients and candidates. With this highest-rated Recruiting agency software, you can track and manage your candidate data faster and in the most effective way.

See Why Recruiters Love Recruiterflow?

With this modern recruiting agency software, find the best talent for your clients and smoothen every aspect of the hiring process. Its unique features will let you-

  • Chrome Extension: Create visual candidate pipelines from wherever you are with the Chrome Extension. This feature will, for example, let you import the LinkedIn profiles of candidates without any hassle and contact them directly.
  • 1-click sourcing: Easily source and segregate candidate profiles with a click.
  • Candidate management: Find the candidate’s contact details and nurture candidates with personalized email sequences. 
  • Pipeline management: With Recruiterflow, you can stay up to date with the status of your pipeline and understand what is happening with your recruiting organization on a daily basis.
  • Client portal: Create an environment of trust with your client by sharing all the candidates in a particular stage with the client. You can control the information you want to share with the client.  
  • Social Media and Job Board Integration: It allows you to keep things synced and in one place. Effortlessly manage job posts & ads on multiple job boards and social media, including Github, Facebook, Indeed, Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Zip Recruiter, and Xing.

With powerful recruiting automation and intuitive UI, Recruiterflow saves you hours every day. Leverage its automation features to streamline your workflow, increase sales, and grow your business faster. 

Are you ready to upgrade your recruiting process with Recruiterflow?

2. iCIMS – Applicant Tracking Software for Agencies

G2 Rating: 4.1/5

Capterra Rating: 4.3/5

Free Trial: Not mentioned on the website.

Pricing: Available upon request.

The iCIMS Talent Cloud can assist you at every stage of the hiring process. It stands out with features like-

3. ThriveMap – pre-employment assessment software for recruitment and staffing agencies

assessment software for recruitment agencies

G2 Rating: No rating available

Capterra Rating: 4.7/5

Free Trial: Not available

Pricing: Available upon request

ThriveMap is a pre-employment assessment software for recruiters. It offers “day-in-the-life” candidate assessments. It can help you tell a story through your assessment narratives. It has features like-

  • Contextual assessment of candidates’ skills and knowledge
  • Personality testing and candidate comparison
  • Real-time reporting

4. Workable – talent acquisition software

G2 Rating: 4.6/5

Capterra Rating: 4.4/5

Free Trial: Available

Pricing: Starts from $149 per month

Workable is an ISO-certified Software for Recruiting Agencies that will enable you to help your clients move from the acquisition stage to the onboarding stage faster. Some features that make Workable stand out are-

  • It’s Mobile friendly
  • Provides hiring templates and tutorials.
  • Offers assisted onboarding

5. Podcastle – Remote interview software

Best video recording software

G2 Rating: 4.8/5

Capterra Rating: No rating available

Free Trial: Available

Pricing: Plan starts $3/month

Podcastle is an all-in-one audio creation platform that has quite a convenient remote interviewing feature. You can conduct internal company discussions or interviews with candidates and use the recordings further in the recruitment process. 

  • Remote interviewing with up to 10 participants. 
  • No need to download anything. Podcastle is available both on the web and on iPhone. Participants can join via the invite link. 
  • The platform also offers video recording and automatic rendering which brings the need to manage the files to a minimum.

6. Zoho Recruit – Online Recruitment Software

G2 Rating: 4.4/5

Capterra Rating: 4.4/5

Free Trial: Available

Pricing: Starts from $50 per month

Zoho Recruit is an online recruitment software that will equip you with the correct information about your hiring process in the proper sequence. Thus, helping your teams stay aligned and take prompt actions when it’s needed. 

  • Integrates with Checkr to make candidates’ background checks faster and more reliable 
  • Quickly transfer analyzed candidate information to your candidate or client database using Resume management software.
  • The assessment module allows you to filter top fits.

7. Bullhorn – CRM software

G2 Rating: 4.0/5

Capterra Rating: 4.1/5

Free Trial: Not mentioned on the website.

Pricing: Available upon request.

Bullhorn provides customer relationship management, an applicant tracking system, and operations software for staffing agencies.

  • Invoicing to meet client billing requirements and improve billing efficiency
  • VMS integration and automation
  • Applicant Tracking and CRM System

8. Asana – Project Management Software

project management tool for recruitment agencies

G2 Rating: 4.3/5

Capterra Rating: 4.5/5

Free Trial: Available

Pricing: Starts from $10.99 per month

Asana is a project management software for recruiting agencies. It will help you orchestrate your work, from daily tasks to strategic initiatives. With Asana your hiring plans will be clear and you will be able to move towards achieving your plan in a more strategic manner.

  • Get the right details every time when it comes to project briefs, requests, and more. Keeping track of submissions is easy since forms are linked directly to projects.
  • Specify the time for a particular project so you don’t miss a deadline, and everyone on your team will know when you need it.
  • The start date feature shows when you should begin your work to hit your deadlines without the last-minute scramble.
  • A Gantt-style view of deadlines for tasks and projects to help you plan better

9. Mirro – Performance Management Software

performance management software for recruiting agencies

G2 Rating: 4.7/5

Capterra Rating: 4.7/5

Free Trial: Available

Pricing: Starting from $6.5/user/per month

Mirro is a human-centered performance management software.  It can offer self-management, transparency, and autonomy to recruiting agencies and help them track the performance of remote or hybrid teams.  It has features like-

  • Instant feedback and one-on-ones to drive alignment 
  • Constant recognition of a strong employee culture 
  • Real-time data and Insights

10. Paylocity – Payroll Software

payroll software for recruitment agencies

G2 Rating: 4.4/5

Capterra Rating: 4.3/5

Free Trial: Not available

Pricing: Available upon request

Paylocity is a workforce and payroll software that drives automation and connection. It offers customizable job applications,  job offers, etc., and stores candidate data for future reporting. It has features like-

  • Expense management to help you better understand finances
  • Manage attendance, schedules, and time off
  • Wage garnishment services.?

11. iMocha – Talent Assessment Software

Talent Assessment Software

G2 Rating: 4.4/5

Capterra Rating: 4.5/5

Free Trial: Available

Pricing: Available upon request

iMocha is a skill-based talent analysis and recruitment platform that offers 1-click ATS integration. This tool can help you search for talents that fit the job and measure the ROI of the L&D programs. It has features like-

  • Video & Audio Proctoring for interview management
  • Customized Performance Report
  • Role-based Access Control for user management


Earlier, the recruitment process has given recruiting agencies a hard time with the tedious and complex task of hiring the best fit for clients. But not anymore.

Recruiting agency software will make the process of finding the best candidate for organizations of all types and sizes easy for you. 

Use these recruiting software to hire quality candidates without exhausting your hiring teams with manual tasks.

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