Most placable candidate
How to Market Your Most Placeable Candidates (Free Templates to Get Started)

Proactively pitching your MPC (Most Placeable Candidate) to acquire new businesses is a tried-and-tested marketing tactic in the recruitment industry. However, despite its widespread use, many recruiters struggle to harness its full potential due to a lack of knowledge and proper implementation strategies. In this blog, we’ll dive into everything you

diversity recruiting
Diversity Recruiting: Importance, Strategies, and Tools

Diversity recruiting is more than just a compliance requirement—it’s a strategic business move. More importantly, it’s an initiative toward offering equal opportunities to candidates solely based on their skills, not on a preconceived notion about them. About 70% of organizations from a survey have expressed some serious diversity, equity, and inclusion

sourcers and recruiters
Sourcing vs Recruiting: What Are the Differences?

As a budding recruiting or staffing business, understanding the distinctions between sourcing vs recruiting can be overwhelming. While they’re both closely related, they each play a unique role in helping you hire the perfect candidates for your clients. Think of it this way: they’re two different services staffing agencies across the

May Product Update
May 2024 Product Updates

We have some exciting updates in store for you this month! A Calendar Widget That Knows All Your Events And Tasks Recruiters, your days are busy and cluttered with a million things. We get it! That’s why we brought a calendar widget in Recruiterflow. With this widget, Brand New Careers Page

Recruitment dashboards
How Recruitment Dashboard Can Transform Your Hiring?

Sifting through a sea of recruitment data can be challenging. Since it involves both candidate and client data, keeping it siloed will only complicate your analysis process. A recruitment dashboard organizes and displays all your recruitment data and helps you make quick decisions and find everything within a few clicks! This

BardWood case study
How BardWood Reduced Their Hiring Time by 50% using Recruiterflow

Founded in 2015, BardWood is a leading recruitment firm specializing in staffing solutions for the UK facilities industry.  With a motto of “Empowering Clients and Candidates,” BardWood has become a trusted partner within the facilities management space. We sat down with Nilesh Rajgor, Commercial Director at BardWood to understand their business