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Recruiting can be overwhelming, but with the right recruitment tools and automation, recruiters can deliver better results for clients and candidates.

Discover the types of recruiting tools used by recruiters worldwide to keep their days a little less crazy.

What are Recruiting tools?

Recruiting tools help you automate, simplify, and make the hiring process quick. Right from screening candidates, writing job descriptions, video interviewing, and sending bulk emails, there are tools available for every task you do daily. 

Why are recruitment tools important: Benefits of using recruiting tools

“On average, it takes an American recruiter USD 4000 and 24 days to hire a new employee,” says a Glassdoor survey.

Any cost-saving measure a company can get its hands on is a blessing. Right? 

Precisely this is what these recruitment tools do. 

Here’s how these recruitment tools can help you perform better and more efficiently –

1. Increase Productivity

There are only a few office hours a day. Recruiting operations are filled with admin and busy work – a necessary evil that doesn’t really add a lot of value to recruiting ops.

Recruiting tools help you organize your information, minimize admin, and help recruiters operate with much better productivity. 

2. Reduce the cost of hiring

Recruitment tools will do several tasks for you. In comparison, the price you pay in exchange is considerably low.

What’s even better is that you can access some of these hiring tools for free. Crystal, Gorgias Templates, SourceHub, ContactOut, etc., are some of the free tools available in the market.

3. Consistency

Consistency is a significant element behind every successful business. While your team might get irregular in their performance and effort, a well-designed hiring tool will never pull the plug on its consistency.

Regularity is a feature with which the hiring tools will eradicate the variables and work at a constant pace.

You must have a clear idea about what recruitment tools are and their importance in your hiring process by now.

Now let’s jump to the important question: What are the best recruitment tools available in the market?

Types of recruitment tools that your agency needs to enhance the process  

Here are sixteen types of recruitment tools for recruiting agencies that can help you get the most out of your hiring process-

1. Recruiting CRM software

Recruiting CRM software helps you maintain a healthy and positive relationship with both active and passive candidates. It allows you to constantly communicate and interact with candidates through various channels to determine the best fit.

Now, think about the other side of the table, your clients. A holistic recruitment CRM will help you manage your clients as well. From cold emailing your prospects to onboarding new clients, it will help you handle everything seamlessly. 

Some recruiting CRM software you can try are: 

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2. Candidate Assessment Tool 

Before accepting candidates for a particular post and spending your time and resources on them, you need to run a pre-assessment to determine if they are the right fit or not. 

These tools include a variety of assessment tests, work samples, cognitive ability tests, personality tests, job simulations, sales ability tests, language fluency tests, central tests, and many more as part of pre-employment assessments.

It’s important to measure candidates’ cognitive ability; people with high cognitive ability are
more likely to be high-performing employees. Test Partnership has candidate assessment
tools to assess cognitive ability.

Some Candidate assessment tools you can try are –

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3. Video-Interviewing Software

Video-Interviewing Software can help you surpass geographical and timezone limitations while choosing the best candidate. Video interviewing software is mostly used for asynchronous interviewing and makes the screening process faster. 

Moreover, an AI-powered Video-Interviewing tool can recognize facial expressions, gestures, postures, speech patterns, etc. Thus even if human eyes miss these patterns, an AI Video-Interviewing tool will assist your clients in making well-informed decisions.

Some video-interviewing software you can try are – 

  • iMocha
  • Zappyhire 
  • Myinterview
  • Vidcruiter
  • HirePro Video Interviews

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4. Candidate Onboarding software

Onboarding software can have a significant impact on your client and candidate experience. Onboarding is the first direct interaction between your clients and their new hires. An effective onboarding tool can set the tone on both sides from the first day of work.  

Onboarding software for recruiting agencies can help new hires settle down in the new work environment. It can further assist you in gathering feedback from both the new hire and the client. 

Few onboarding software are:

  • Asanify
  • Goco
  • Gustoe
  • Freshworks

5. ATS (Application Tracking System)

Applicant Tracking System or ATS is a system of record for all your candidates and recruiting activities. It is the most critical and central part of a recruiting operation. It helps to recruit teams to work in sync, deliver a great candidate experience, and act as a single source of truth. 

With Recuiterflow ATS, recruiters don’t just have a system of record but also a system of productivity that helps them minimize admin work and automate their recruiting process. 

6. Timesheet Software

Timesheet software helps you organize worker data and availability and schedule them with the right job. With it, you can generate timely timesheets, get them approved by clients, and close all payments on time.

  • Zoho Workerly
  • Accelo
  • Synerion
  • Mirro
  • Workforce Now

7. Payroll Management Software

Paydays are scary. You must ensure that everyone gets accurate payments on time and complies with tax regulations and procedures. Payroll software with various features like Automated tax and forms, Tax Compliance, Benefits Management, Bank Reconciliation, Payroll reports, etc.

It can thus help your recruiting agency automate payroll processes and organize your payroll management system.

Some payroll software for recruiting agencies are – 

  • Gusto
  • AkkenCloud
  • primePRO 
  • Workday HCM
  • Paylocity
  • ADB

8. Invoicing Tools

Recruiting agencies need to face unique billing and invoicing hurdles. It’s a mundane yet critical task to keep track of clients who have hired candidates on “trial” or when your clients are going for temporary staffing. 

Invoicing Tools makes your task easy by automating the billing process and simplifying the process of sending and receiving invoices. It can further help you see real-time payments and improve documentation efficiency. 

Some of these invoicing tools combine ATS and CRM functionality to help you slay your game.

Some software for recruiting agencies to streamline the billing and invoicing process are – 

  • Quickbooks
  • Zoho Books
  • Invoice Simple
  • Xero
  • Zintego
  • Invoicera
  • Billdu

9. Social media integration 

Think about the time social media campaigns rob you of. Social media integration tools make planning and scheduling posts hassle-free. 

You can now run widespread campaigns to track applicants across various social networking platforms. In addition, get all the performance analytics at your fingertips with the Social media integration tools. 

Recruiterflow comes equipped with social media integration and you can post your jobs on 25+ job boards including Google, LinkedIn, and Indeed.

  • Buffer
  • Sprout Social
  • Hubspot Marketing Hub
  • Hootsuite
  • Loomly

10. Productivity Tool 

Recruiting agencies deal with multiple clients, contact hundreds of clients, take care of sales acquisition, and schedule numerous tasks daily. To stay on top of your game, you must master the art of productivity. 

Recruiterflow has a built-in task management system that makes your hiring process faster, streamlines your recruitment pipeline, and provides a stellar candidate experience.

Some tools you can try to help you with task management and streamline the workflow are – 

11. Augmented writing tools 

In the modern-day job market, job descriptions and job advertisements do much more than inform candidates regarding vacant posts. Job descriptions are the first touchpoint between candidates and the client’s employer brand.

Augmented writing tools use data-driven feedback to help you create job descriptions and advertisements free from discriminatory language and accurately portray the client’s work culture. It encourages the candidate to identify themselves with the brand identity.

Some prominent software you can try are –

  • Text
  • Gender Decoder
  • Writesonic

12. Candidate background check software

For staffing and recruiting agencies, background checks are essential to ensure that they hire the right candidates for their clients. Conducting detailed background checks helps to verify the authenticity of candidate information and reduces the likelihood of future problems. However, manually conducting these checks can be time-consuming and error-prone.

This is where reliable candidate background check software comes in, streamlining the process and ensuring efficient results. With the help of background check software, staffing, and recruiting agencies can confidently provide their clients with qualified and trustworthy candidates, ensuring a successful partnership.

Some prominent background check software you can try are –

  1. Checkr
  2. Accurate Background
  3. IntelliCorp
  4. HireRight
  5. Sterling

13. Email Sequencing Tools

Manually conducting cold outreach campaigns can frequently impede progress, resulting in reduced efficiency and time constraints. Fortunately, a straightforward remedy is tailored to this challenge: leveraging email sequence software. Though modern recruiting software like Recruiterflow comes with an inbuilt multichannel sequencing tool, you can opt for email sequencing software if your recruitment software doesn’t have one.

Some prominent email sequencing software are –

  1. Activecampaign
  2. Mailchimp
  3. Autopilot
  4. Getresponse
  5. Klenty

14. Candidate Sourcing Tools

Manually sourcing candidates every time a new requirement comes up can be time-consuming! You might end up scouring every job platform and still not find the ideal candidate you were looking for.

Candidate sourcing tools can help leverage untapped talent pools and find unique talents for your clients.

Some of our top choices for candidate sourcing tools are:

  1. HireEZ
  2. BetterLeap
  3. SeekOut
  4. LinkedIn
  5. ZipRecruiter

Plus, you can integrate all these tools with Recruiterflow so you can easily use them from your existing recruiting process without changing platforms every now and then.

15. Interview Scheduling Tools

Interview scheduling tools are there to take care of the manual tasks such as setting up the interview, picking up a time slot, sending reminders, etc. Instead of you doing back-and-forth communication with candidates, you can automate the redundant bits and spare more room for conducting meaningful interviews.

Here are some tools we recommend:

  1. Clear Company
  2. Grayscale
  3. Paradox
  4. myinterview
  5. HireVue

16. AI Recruiting Tools

Using AI in your recruiting process can surely be a game-changer for you as you can get done with so many lengthy tasks in significantly less time! For example, instead of manually screening a pile of 100 resumes, you can simply let AI shortlist candidates with relevant skills, and highlight 30 resumes that stand out. Imagine having a handy list of 30 resumes with relevant skills ready for you to screen!

Here are some of our favorite AI recruiting tools:

  1. Recruiterflow
  2. SeekOut
  3. Betterleap
  4. ChatGPT
  5. Humanly


To wrap up, for every step of the recruitment cycle, recruiting tools are available in the market. Most of them have a try-for-free feature, so sign up and check out which of them suits best for your business.  

Do let us know how you find this blog in the comment section.

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