Best video interview software for hiring managers and recruiters in 2021.

As a recruiter, one of the top priorities is to get qualified candidates moving through your hiring pipeline as efficiently as possible. A key tool that helps recruiters do this is video interview software. More HR managers and recruiters are relying on these platforms to streamline their hiring process and reduce the time-to-hire metric. 

Data suggests that video interviews are 6X faster than phone interviews. Moreover, 66% of job seekers move on within two weeks before they consider you a lost opportunity. On-demand text and video interviews can help you not just improve the speed of your hiring process but spot great candidates in a much more efficient manner.  

But, choosing the right video interview software is easier said than done. With plenty of online video interviewing tools available in the market, it can be a tricky process to choose the best video candidate screening software for your recruitment needs. 

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the top video screening tools, and a comprehensive review of their features to help you make the right decision. Whether you’re looking to streamline high-volume positions, update your hiring workflow, or help hire managers to make it easy and quick to close positions, these tools can be your trusted allies. 

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Best 13 Video Interview Software For Staffing Companies 

1. VidCruiter


VidCruiter is the leading video interviewing platform that facilitates both live and pre-recorded video interviews. 

The platform is customizable and intuitive to use. It also makes it easy to implement structured interviews with the help of its SHRM-approved interview guide builder. The platform is designed to integrate with leading recruiting tools and VidCruiter solutions like automated interview scheduling and rating guides built directly into the platform.

VidCruiter’s platform offers a great experience for candidates. For example, you can automate personalized SMS and email communications to remind candidates of an upcoming interview and let them know of the next steps afterward. The platform is also designed to seamlessly integrate with all major applicant tracking system vendors.

VidCruiter is also known for its superior client service including dedicated in-house teams for onboarding, advisory, and user and applicant support.

2. Hireflix


If looking for user-friendly on-demand video interviews, Hireflix is it. They lead the one-way video interviewing space thanks to their minimalist and easy-to-use interface, excellent support, and affordability. With Hireflix you will be able to capture genuine answers from your candidates remotely and at scale. Hireflix is perfect for high-volume roles, evaluating soft skills, language, and more.

Hireflix said no to bells and whistles to offer you instead powerful core features you need for your one-way video interviews: Video intro and outro, questions with text/video, customizable think time, answer time and retakes, multi-branding, automatic transcriptions, shareable links, customizable invite, reminder, and interview finished candidate communications through email, SMS or WhatsApp, an open API, native integrations with your ATS and more.

Another thing we love about Hireflix is that they offer one of the longest free trials we have seen. You will be up and running in a matter of minutes. In summary, if you are looking for the best one-way video interview software, check them out because you are going to love them.

3. SparkHire

Spark Hire is a purpose-built cloud-based video interviewing platform for HR departments and staffing professionals. It empowers recruiters with a wide range of features, including one-way pre-recorded and live interviews, streamlining the hiring process. The platform offers versatile interview options, accommodating individual hiring preferences and schedules.

With branding customization and in-depth analytics for ROI, recruiters can make data-driven decisions and optimize recruitment strategies. Collaboration tools and open-invite interviews broaden the candidate pool, while custom welcome videos set a positive tone. Spark Hire’s flexibility, applicant rejection management, and interview playback ensure a seamless and engaging experience.

The platform also offers a mobile app for convenient on-the-go interviews. Discover the future of video interviewing with Spark Hire and revolutionize your hiring process.

4. Interviewstream

interviewstream - Video Interview Software

Interviewstream is another popular video interviewing tool that caters to 900+ small-sized businesses and enterprises. What makes this tool stand out in this list is its interview scheduling module. Imagine this to be like Calendly – the meeting scheduling app wherein you book a specific slot in the other person’s calendar.

Interviewstream works on a similar model. The tool offers automated interview scheduling that syncs with your hiring team’s calendar availability allowing candidates to select a time for individual, back-to-back, and panel interviews. 

Along with this, the interview stream offers both live and on-demand video interviews. While it offers integrations with some platforms, the range is very limited. Depending on which tools you already use in your recruiting pipeline, an interview stream could be a good fit for your staffing agency.  

5. Brazen

Video Interviewing Platform - Brazen

Brazen calls itself “the most complete virtual event solution”. They offer seamless transitions between text-only, video, and audio chats in a single click. It lives streams webinars right within your virtual hiring event; no need for third-party integrations. You can engage with candidates in real-time, host Q&A sessions, moderate comments, and enhance their experience. 

The tool has built-in integrations that ensure every candidate is automatically passed into your ATS and recruitment CRM. Notably, Brazen also offers an HR chatbot that can easily handle a significant number of interactions with each candidate. These features can help to hire managers save plenty of time and focus on what matters most; hiring top talent efficiently and nurturing client relationships. 

So, despite the fact that it’s largely a virtual career fair platform, it still offers a rich set of features to meet the video interviewing needs of recruiters.  

6. Willo

Video Interviewing Screening Software by Willo

Willo is a complete video interview suite that connects all the dots for your team. It truly offers a seamless workflow for recruiters. From collaborating with other recruiters to using the tool on any device, any time – it streamlines the entire video interviewing process for your team. 

It offers the ability to customize the look and feel of your Willo to offer a more personalized, consistent experience to your candidates. When running out of interesting questions, you can simply use their question generator which automatically prepares questions for you.

The best part about Willo is that it’s developer-friendly. Whether you’re a small team of 5 recruiters or an enterprise with several hundred employees, you can use their open APIs to integrate with your own specific system and apps to fully automate your hiring workflow. 

You can integrate Willo with your existing ATS and CRM within a few minutes, or even use it as a standalone video interview platform. With over 3,000+ third-party integrations with tools like Zapier, Slack, Google Drive, Trello, Twitter, Workable, and more, you can easily automate your workflow.   

7. Outmatch

Outmatch video interviewing software

Outmatch offers sophisticated talent selection tools such as pre-employment assessments, video interviewing, and talent analytics. So, recruiters can manage all of their interviewing activities in a single dashboard. Outmatch is popular for its clean and easy-to-use interface; the minimal learning curve for hiring managers and recruiters. 

The tool allows you to create branded video introductions, record video interviews, schedule live and on-demand video interviews, automate allocation, and design fully integrated candidate-driven processes. It also offers integrations with ATS, to facilitate a smoother hiring workflow. 

All in all, Outmatch is an easy-to-adopt video interview software that enables a structured, collaborative interviewing process across an organization.

8. myInterview

myInterview: Intelligent Candidate Video Screening

myinterview is a renowned video interview software with machine learning algorithms that can help you hire the top candidates from your talent pool. Features like automated shortlisting, accurate skill assessment analytics, live interviews, and branded experience let you narrow your focus while offering the best-in-class candidate experience. 

Collaborating with other recruiters and hiring managers feels like a breeze during myInterview. And, when your entire team has visibility into the talent pool, there’s radical transparency. No more back and forth. Easier cross-functional collaboration. Better opportunities for candidates. 

It’s no surprise that is one of the most sought-after tools in the industry, myInterview offers integrations with some of the most used platforms. Direct integration with solutions like JobAdder, workable, HubSpot, Zapier, Slack, and others can help you seamlessly integrate your video interview tool into your hiring tech system. 

9. Hinterview

Hinterview: Video Interview Software

Hinterview calls itself a “video tool built by recruiters, for recruiters.” The platform offers an ecosystem designed for recruiters to not just focus on their candidates, but also on their clients’ experiences. For instance, you can create and edit personalized one-way videos for your candidates, clients, and even your own marketing. 

To make sure your client stays on top of all updates in real-time, you can use Hinterview’s dedicated client portal. This feature enables you to share candidate shortlists with hiring managers and then clients can review, comment, and interview candidates – all within a single recruitment dashboard

Moreover, it allows you to record and share two-way videos with candidates and hiring managers from anywhere, on any device – no downloads required. What’s more? You can speed up the hiring process by focusing only on candidates that are qualified for the job. Using campaigns and pre-set questions, recruiters can assess their candidates without any hassle; saving time, and improving productivity.

10. Zoom

Zoom: One platform to connect

This one is a no-brainer. Zoom has quickly become one of the go-to video tools for professionals globally. While it’s easy to set up and comes with a free package that offers a 40-minute meeting time limit, this video conferencing platform offers the basic features of a video interviewing tool. 

Notably, you can use Zoom on any device, share screens simultaneously, add multiple participants, and co-annotate meetings. However, the platform lacks features like the ability to perform pre-assessments, automate shortlisting, access in-depth analytics, or update clients in a single dashboard.

Why does it still cut it to the top video interview tools? If you’re a growing recruitment agency and restructuring your hiring process, you may want to consider starting with a free tool. This will help you assess how your candidates respond to video interviews, what’s the time-to-hire, productivity rates, and overall collaboration. 

11. Jobma

Jobma helps businesses hire – Faster, Better for Less. Its easy-to-use platform offers a range of tools, including Video and Audio Interviews, Digital Assessments, along Proctoring capabilities.

Jobma assists thousands of recruiters in using video to build stronger relationships, present
the best talent, and work more efficiently by reducing costs and time to hire by up to 60%.
Jobma believes in the power of people, and its video software enhances human connections
to help companies stand out and address diversity and inclusion.

It has a global presence in over 55 countries and supports 16 languages, making HR
technology accessible and affordable for businesses of all sizes. Its impressive client list,
including over 2,000 businesses worldwide, showcases its success in assisting top
companies in finding top talent.

12. Shine

Shin video interview software

Discover the right talent quickly with Shine Interview, a cloud-based video interview software. With live and on-demand video technology, automated scheduling, and shortlisting tools, you can streamline your hiring process and save time and costs.

Shine offers a professional, client-branded interview experience without the need for any downloads. You can create one-way interviews for applicants to complete at their own pace, ensuring a fair and consistent interviewing process. Evaluate applicants easily with built-in analytics tools and a drag-and-drop shortlisting system.

Conduct live video interviews within the platform that can be recorded and shared with colleagues for further collaboration. The integrated interview scheduler allows applicants to cancel or reschedule appointments based on availability, reducing the time and effort spent managing diaries during the interview process.

Shine’s highly customizable platform also enables you to create video introductions to enhance engagement and attract top talent. Configure everything from aesthetics to candidate emails and messages easily. Additionally, Shine integrates seamlessly with your ATS via an open API.

13. Hirevue

Video interviewing software HireVue

Hirevue takes the lead in the video screening market as it is a solid video interviewing platform with just the right features recruiters look for. The platform is easy to use and it streamlines various internal interviewing processes. 

For instance, with conversational AI via WhatsApp and SMS, recruiters can leave complicated scheduling behind. Moreover, the platform offers more than 1,000 job-specific interview guides that bring consistency to your interview process. 

Another essential feature you should consider when choosing a video interviewing tool is its ability to integrate with other tools, especially your ATS. It only makes sense that all the tools in your tech stack work together like a well-oiled machine. Hirevue integrates seamlessly with ATS which helps reduce redundancies and duplicate data; and allows recruiters to focus more on qualified candidates. 

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The Next Steps Forward 

Video interviewing is a powerful process for your hiring pipeline. Especially for recruitment agencies that handle high-volume roles and spend a tremendous amount of time screening candidates. 

Create a well-defined strategy that helps you navigate around the process of finding the best video interview software for your recruiters. Ask your hiring managers about their biggest bottleneck when it comes to video interviews. Understand how different stakeholders are involved in the hiring process and how a tool could benefit your organization. 

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to choosing video interview software. 

Consider the “must-have” and “nice-to-have” features. For example, do you want a simple and easy-to-use tool, or do you want an advanced video screening tool with a bit of a learning curve? 

Answer specific questions: 

  • How many team members will be using the video interviewing software? 
  • Is there a steep learning curve associated with the tool?
  • Does the tool offer automation features? 
  • Do you already use a skill-assessment tool for your screening process?
  • Do you want to use a video interview suite or a standalone tool? 
  • Does it integrate with your ATS or recruitment CRM? 
  • How does the pricing work? Does the tool match your budget? 
  • How is customer support? Do they offer 24X7 support?

Once you figure out these questions, you can narrow your search and opt for the one that best suits your needs. 

I hope you found this article useful, and that it helped you learn more about how video interview tools really work and what features they offer. 

If you’re interested in knowing about other recruitment software for your agencies, please reach out to us – we’d love to hear from you. 

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