Recruitment Influencers

The recruitment industry is rapidly evolving. Therefore, staying updated with the latest trends, technologies, and strategies is crucial for recruiters. Relying solely on traditional sources of information may not provide the depth of knowledge needed to excel in this challenging environment. That’s why following recruitment influencers is imperative.

These experts in the field are invaluable resources who can keep you informed about the dynamic landscape of recruitment and offer valuable insights to help you develop effective strategies.

By following their guidance and learning from their experiences, you can gain valuable insights specific to your area of interest and expertise. This knowledge will empower you to enhance your recruitment practices and adapt to the shifting demands of the industry.

Recruitment influencers recruiters should follow in 2023

To assist you in navigating this ever-changing space, we have compiled a list of top recruitment influencers across various fields. These influencers specialize in branding, business development, candidate experience, talent acquisition, and more.

Recruiting and personal branding experts

1. Lyndsey Meredith 

recruitment influencers

Lyndsey Meredith is a featured expert in personal branding for the recruitment network. She offers online programs to teach business owners how to build and scale their brands on LinkedIn.

Here’s why you should follow Lyndsey Meredith:

Lyndsey has a Facebook group called ‘The Female Recruiter’ to network, share ideas, and support fellow female recruiters. With over 2,500 other female recruiters in the group, she offers comprehensive live training on marketing, recruiting, and branding.

2. Elizabeth Morgan

Branding recruiting coach

Elizabeth Morgan is a creative strategist, brand developer, and mentor who helps recruiters establish their LinkedIn brand. She provides advice on recruiting, positive workspace practices, and team management.

She also offers insights on bridging the gap between talent acquisition and social media.

Why you should follow Elizabeth Morgan:

Elizabeth Morgan has reviewed over 22,000 technical resumes and coached candidates through Google’s highly competitive hiring process. Her firsthand experience with candidates has equipped her with a deep understanding of the significance of candidate engagement.

With her extensive expertise, she helps recruiters understand candidate expectations and provides tips on enhancing recruiting procedures.

3. Will Staney

Will Staney is the founder of Proactive Talent and holds a significant presence in the HR and recruitment domain. Having previously worked with renowned organizations, he spearheaded strategic initiatives encompassing employer branding, sourcing strategy, and recruiting operations.

With his substantial recruiting experience, Will Staney regularly shares wisdom on new media marketing, recruiting, and employer branding. He also frequently updates the latest changes and advancements in the recruitment landscape.

Here’s why you should follow Will Staney:

Will’s page focuses on recruitment, branding, and motivation. His LinkedIn posts delve into the importance of self-development content that will encourage you to have a positive outlook on your career.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) experts

4. Lou Adler

Lou Alder

Lou Adler is one of the prominent voices in the recruiting, talent acquisition, and management landscape. He founded the ADLER group, an executive search firm that offers training, coaching, and consulting services to companies worldwide.
With over 30 years of experience as a headhunter, Lou Adler is also the author of several books on recruiting. He is well-known among notable names in talent acquisition and frequently attends industry events and conferences.

Why you should follow Lou Adler:

Lou Adler emphasizes performance-based recruiting ideology rather than conventional recruiting practices that start with resumes and end with interviews. He focuses on skill-building and recruitment strategies.

He is highly sought after by organizations like LinkedIn, McKinsey, and many more for recruitment programs.

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5. Johnny Campbell

Johnny Campbell is an entrepreneur and thought leader in talent acquisition. With over a decade of experience, Johnny understands the ins and outs of the recruitment industry and how technology can be leveraged to enhance talent acquisition effectiveness. He guides staffing firms about making the best use of technology and social media platforms for hiring.

Here’s why you should follow Johnny Campbell:

Johnny Campbell encourages the use of technology in recruiting A-level talent.
He often shares insightful information on how recruiters can leverage technology to create a more diverse and inclusive workforce. He is active on Twitter and participates in podcasts and conferences to deliver insightful words to peers and rookies.

6. Kathryn Minshew

Recruitment Influencer

Kathryn Minshew is yet another must-follow recruiting professional on the list. Being the CEO of one of the 50 Most Innovative Companies in the world and having experience working with think tanks like McKinsey, Kathryn understands the hurdles of modern recruiters. She often offers insightful articles, posts, and video sessions on tackling challenges.

Here’s why you should follow Kathryn Minshew:

Kathryn Minshew is a vocal advocate of diversity and inclusion recruiting. She helps recruiters comprehend the current recruitment landscape and what great talent is looking for.

She also imparts up-to-date knowledge on deploying and measuring career research and enhancing the brand image.

Sourcing experts

7. Irina Shamaeva

Recruitment Influencers

Irina Shamaeva is an adept recruiting and sourcing expert with years of experience in training and offering recruitment services.

Her curiosity about modern technology and sourcing tactics knows no bounds. She often shares deep insights about Human Resources (HR), Lead Generation, and diversity hiring practices.

Here’s why you should follow Irina Shamaeva:

Irina Shamaeva’s LinkedIn pages are full of valuable information for recruiters in every niche.

She consistently publishes content on recent recruitment trends in the tech industry that can be used to ease the workload of recruiters. Simply put, technical recruiters will find her page even more helpful.

8. Stacy Zapar

Stacy ZAPAr

Stacy Zapa specializes in talent attraction consulting, recruiter training, sourcing-as-a-service and executive search for world-class firms. She has been featured on Huffington Post’s Top 100 HR Experts and LinkedIn’s 50 Most Popular Recruiting Influencers List.

Stacy helps talent acquisition teams develop top-of-funnel strategies to meet and exceed hiring goals.

Here’s why you should follow Stacy Zapa:

Stacy Zapa’s LinkedIn page contains 101 guides for recruiters and sourcing professionals to enhance their recruiting efforts. 

She often releases articles on how to enhance recruiting. For instance, interview questions that can gauge a candidate’s eligibility and enticing job postings that attract suitable candidates. In case you want to know the latest sourcing, Stacy Zapa is here to keep you updated.

Recruiting and HR tech experts

9. Louise Triance

Louise Triance is a UK-based recruiter who has hosted myriads of recruitment events all over the continent. With over 20 years of experience, she has published 1000 weekly newsletters and has a network of 30,000+ recruitment professionals. 

Louise Triance is a passionate recruitment industry connector. She keeps her followers updated on the latest industry events as well as technology trends that can revolutionize recruiting efforts.

Here’s why you should follow Louise Triance:

Louise Triance offers practical advice to recruiters. She helps them choose the right software, enhance security, compare pricing plans, and every other essential factor.

She also talks frequently about nifty technologies through her weekly newsletters. In addition, she writes articles and reviews on famous sites to enlighten up-and-coming recruiters and HR tech experts.

10. Stephen O’Donnell

Stephen O’Donnell offers tech recommendations for recruiting firms.

Here’s why you should follow Stephen O’Donnell:

Stephen O’Donnell understands the futility of recruiting without incorporating technology. Hence, he delivers tech suggestions through events, videos, and blogs that recruiters can use.

He addresses the pain points most recruiters, headhunters, and recruiting agencies face and presents unique insights that can propel their growth to astronomical heights.

11. William Tincup

William Tincup is a prolific personality in the world of recruiting, HR, and talent acquisition. Over 20 years, he has researched the strengths and shortcomings of tech in recruiting and how they assist in the recruiting processes.

He serves on the Board of Advisors for 25+ HR and TA tech companies. He frequently speaks at conferences, attends analyst meetings, programs, training events, and participates in recruiting podcasts for recruiters.

Here’s why you should follow William Tincup:

William Tincup is renowned for his podcasts, delving into the types of recruiting technologies and how recruiting firms can achieve complete digital transformation.

He also offers pointers on effective recruiting and gender equity and suggests strategies for implementing skill-based hiring in his podcast episodes and other industry experts.

12. Glen Cathey

Glen Cathey is a noteworthy strategic thinker, talent acquisition leader, and global keynote speaker in the talent acquisition space.

He is incredibly well known as the thought leader for offering sourcing, recruiting, and social strategies for recruiting firms worldwide. He has also trained recruiters on recruiting tech solutions like CRM software and other necessary solutions to streamline the talent acquisition process.

Here’s why you should follow Glen Cathey:

Glen Cathey is a must-follow recruitment influencer for tech recruiters and any other recruiters who want to understand the facets of recruiting technology.

Through his blog, Glen shares guidance on the types of software and strategies that can simplify the recruiting process.

13. Matt Charney

Matt Charney is a recruiting and marketing leader for some of the world’s biggest brands.

He understands the qualms of the job seeker community and helps TA teams reform their tactics to recruit top-tier candidates.

Here’s why you should follow Matt Charney:

Matt Charney shares content on how to enhance hiring quality while enhancing brand awareness.

In addition, he also discuss about AI and other relevant technologies that recruiting agencies can adopt to streamline recruitment efforts.

14. Miles Jennings

Miles Jennings is the founder and CEO of He has served numerous industries, including finance, healthcare, energy, and more, in recruiting the perfect candidates.

Moreover, Miles has created AI software programs for recruiters and is launching educational AI courses on recruiting.

Here’s why you should follow Miles Jennings:

Miles Jennings advocates leveraging the power of AI to expedite recruiting processes. He offers ChatGPT prompts that recruiters can use as well.

Aside from AI content, Miles also participates in webinars with other talent acquisition experts and discusses utilizing the latest sophisticated technology.

15. Adrian Tan

Adrian Tan is one of the top global HR tech influencers. Over the last decade, he has started five businesses in the recruitment, career coaching, consultancy, and technology sectors, from which he has gathered versatile knowledge on recruiting, marketing, and branding.

He also has a recruitment podcast in which he hosts CHROs and HR leaders to learn about their journeys, viewpoints, and experience with HR technology.

Here’s why you should follow Adrian Tan:

Adrian Tan helps with recruiting and marketing. He suggests the types of software recruiters and HR professionals can use in their day-to-day work lives.

He publishes weekly newsletters and insights on the latest trends transforming the recruitment landscape and how to craft strategies to attract the right talent.

16. Derina Adamczak

Derina Adamczak is a connoisseur when it comes to recruiting. With over 20 years of experience in talent acquisition, she is the Manager of Workforce Strategies Consulting at Deloitte, helping assess their talent needs and developing plans to address them.

She guides new-age recruiters in discovering novel technologies and how they can use them to enhance their recruiting practices.

Here’s why you should follow Derina Adamczak:

Derina Adamczak offers updates on the latest recruitment technology and conveys best practices to foster diversity and inclusive recruiting.

She also shares Deloitte’s reports on the recruiting fields that can assist recruiting and staffing agencies understand client and candidate perspectives and curating strategies accordingly. 

17. Craig Fisher

Craig Fisher is a seasoned recruiter renowned for his captivating keynote speeches at top-tier conferences in the tech, social media, HR/recruiting, and sales domains. As the founder of TalentNet Media, a pioneering firm specializing in employer brand and recruitment tech strategy, he brings knowledge and expertise to the industry. 

Adding to his list of achievements, he was also the founder of LINKEDIN TRAINING Dallas. He created the first Twitter chat for recruiters and partnered with North America’s first LinkedIn-certified training company.

Here’s why you should follow Craig Fisher:

With his exceptional digital branding techniques, Craig Fisher has been widely embraced as an industry benchmark by renowned organizations such as LinkedIn, Toyota, and numerous others.

He frequently participates in insightful podcasts and webinar sessions with other big names in the recruiting industry, offering enlightening advice on recruiting and branding. His YouTube account is a treasure trove of recruiter-savvy content.

18. Shane McCusker

Shane McCusker is a recruitment software professional who develops intelligent recruiting CRM and ATS software for recruiting and staffing agencies.

With decades of experience designing software systems for recruiters, he is well aware of the hurdles faced during recruitment. Hence, he writes consistently on his blog and LinkedIn on how recruiters can overcome hurdles and streamline their recruitment process via technology.

Here’s why you should follow Shane McCusker:

Shane McCusker actively develops ideas and techniques associated with social recruiting.

He shares simple strategies and practices recruiters can leverage to avoid aggravating scenarios and elevate their sourcing processes.

19. Dualta Doherty

Dualta Doherty is the managing director of Doherty Group, a Rec2Rec (R2R) team internationally renowned for working with the best agency Recruitment Consultants worldwide.

He also has a podcast where he connects with top agency recruitment leaders worldwide and delves into best practices and strategies for building, scaling, and operating a world-class recruitment company.

Here’s why you should follow Dualta Doherty:

Dualta Doherty educates independent recruiters on how to grow their business and implement processes, strategies, Virtual Assistants, Value propositions, and critical knowledge.

Moreover, his podcast will keep you up-to-date on industry trends and empower you to take your recruitment journey to the next level.

Future of work experts

20. David Green

David Green helps organizations create a better employee experience through the use of people analytics. 

However, he is more well-known as a future of work expert who guides HR teams on how to use analytics and adopt futuristic strategies to enhance their recruiting efforts.

Here’s why you should follow David Green:

David Green helps HR and recruiting leaders with recruiting techniques.

He also shares the latest research, studies, and insights from think tanks like BCG and has written great articles on the future of work for significant sites like HBR. He also co-authored a book, ‘Excellence in People Analytics,’ which provides information on tools to create sustainable business value with people analytics and develop a data-driven culture in HR and recruitment.

21. Kevin Wheeler

Kevin Wheeler is a lecturer and teacher of Business Strategy, Human Resources, Talent Development, and Acquisition. 

He is also the founder of Global Learning Resources, where he guides start-up companies in TA and has helped multiple global clients improve their TA tactics.

Here’s why you should follow Kevin Wheeler:

Kevin Wheeler is fascinated by recent developments in the tech recruiting landscape. He actively researches the future of work and the technologies that can transform the recruitment process. 

His LinkedIn posts always revolve around AI and strategies that can educate up-and-coming recruiters and headhunters to improve how they approach recruiting.

22. Meghan Biro

Meghan Biro is the founder of TalentCulture and the #WorkTrends Community. She has collaborated with hundreds of companies, from early-stage ventures to global brands, helping them recruit and empower stellar talent. 

Meghan is also a podcaster and has been a guest on numerous podcasts, and radio shows and has been a featured speaker at global business conferences. She regularly contributes to Forbes, SHRM, and several other media outlets.

Here’s why you should follow Meghan Biro:

Meghan Biro specializes in branding, digital strategy, content creation, and HR/recruiting tech adoption, four pillars necessary for recruiters and staffing firms. 

With her experience in tech, she often suggests adopting technology in recruiting and building an ecosystem that can thrive through paradigm shifts in the future.

Talent acquisition Strategy experts

23. Heather (Ianuale) Mikelberg

Heather (Ianuale) Mikelberg is a university recruiting leader who has worked as a recruitment professional for prominent organizations like IBM and the Walt Disney Company. 

Her people-first talent acquisition strategy enables talent acquisition teams to recruit talented individuals for roles.

Here’s why you should follow Heather (Ianuale) Mikelberg:

Heather (Ianuale) Mikelberg has worked with multiple educational organizations to host events so businesses can easily connect with students and recruit them for undergraduate roles. 

She has an in-depth understanding of how candidates perceive recruiters and helps talent acquisition professionals create sound strategies to invite more resumes from exceptional individuals.

24. Maren Hogan

Maren Hogan is the founder of Red Branch Media, an agency offering marketing strategy, outsourcing, and thought leadership to international HR and Recruiting Technology and Services organizations. 

Using her 15 years of experience in recruitment, she consistently advocates next-generation marketing strategies and technologies to enhance talent acquisition processes.

Here’s why you should follow Maren Hogan:

Maren Hogan’s LinkedIn is a compendium of modern recruiting and talent acquisition strategies. She partners with other famous recruiting influencers like Hung Lee to delve into topics like AI, branding, and more. 

Furthermore, her posts mostly revolve around how talent acquisition experts can create efficient marketing strategies that enhance their brand name and reach slowly but surely.

25. Jason Buss

Jason Buss is renowned for having keen eyes when recruiting top-notch candidates and high-performing teams.

Moreover, he has led recruiting teams in well-known brands like Pinterest and MongoDB. As the current vice president of Roblox, he serves as a role model for newbie recruiters.

Here’s why you should follow Jason Buss:

Firstly, Jason Buss is especially well-experienced with executive search, employer branding, recruiting operations, campus recruiting, reporting & analytics, sourcing, interview training, sales, research, and competitive intelligence.

Additionally, he consistently uploads content on recruiting, interviewing, and talent assessment tools, followed by leading firms.

26. Katrina Collier

Katrina Collier is an HR, TA, and recruiting professional dedicated to improving traditional recruiting practices and is the author of ‘The Robot-Proof Recruiter,’ a survival guide for recruitment and sourcing professionals.

She conducts design thinking workshops and participates in events helping recruiting specialists fix recruitment and candidate experiences.

Here’s why you should follow Katrina Collier:

Notably, Katrina Collier often discusses not-so-spoken topics like recruitment blockers, red flag candidates, new-age recruiting, and many more in her blog.

Moreover, she has a discerning understanding of the recruiting industry, making her one of LinkedIn and YouTube’s most effective recruitment influencers that every recruiter should follow.

27. Stephanie Yu

Stephanie Yu assists startups in recruiting unicorn talent, individuals with rare and exceptional skills or qualities that set them apart from their peers, similar to how a “unicorn” startup is exceptionally rare and valuable.

Furthermore, she guides clients in effectively searching for jobs and networking with professionals in their desired industries.

Here’s why you should follow Stephanie Yu:

Stephanie Yu has created and executed multi-channel sourcing strategies, employing Boolean and X-Ray searches and ATS to build talent pipelines for various companies’ current and future needs.

Additionally, she knows the idiosyncrasies recruiting firms face daily and offers crisp content on designing job offers. She also provides chatbot prompts that recruiters can use to accelerate their recruiting process.

Recruitment Marketing Experts

28. Kristie Perrotte

Kristie Perrotte is a recruitment marketing expert helping businesses in the UK, US, Europe, and abroad develop digital inbound marketing strategies that deliver more ROI, customers, and tangible business opportunities. 

She has worked with businesses to develop integrated marketing communications strategies to drive more leads, acquire more customers, and create brand evangelists.

Here’s why you should follow Kristie Perrotte:

Kristie Perrotte offers in-depth marketing advice for independent recruiters and staffing agencies looking to build their brand image.

Specifically, she talks about SEO/PPC strategy, defining and articulating your USP, measuring ROI, and many more valuable insights that will level up your brand and help you get noticed by big names.

29. Hung Lee

Hung Lee is a well-known name in the recruitment community. He is the editor of the leading industry newsletter Recruiting Brainfood, which covers AI, Blockchain, Culture, the Future of Work, Employer branding, Organization Network Analytics, excellent tools, and other recruitment-related topics. 

Hung Lee often connects with other industry experts and discusses current trends circulating the industry and how recruiters can level up their game to thrive.

Here’s why you should follow Hung Lee:

First and foremost, Hung Lee actively speaks and shares content on how recruiters can psychologically enhance themselves and their brand to elevate their recruitment efforts.

Additionally, he also discusses recent AI advancements and how recruiting firms can incorporate them into their projects to reach the right talents.

30. Alyssa Rhoda

Alyssa Rhoda is adept at partnering with executives and hiring managers to help scale their teams with the best possible candidates.

Currently, she is the Principal Recruiter at Zefr, where she implements an applicant tracking system (ATS) and streamlines recruitment processes from start to finish.

Here’s why you should follow Alyssa Rhoda:

With her tremendous expertise in working for tech startups and companies, Alyssa Rhoda offers specific recruiting insights that are helpful for tech recruiters.

Additionally, she also shares strategies for identifying relevant candidates amidst the layoff frenzy and nurturing candidate and client engagement to ensure a pleasant experience among all stakeholders.

31. Linda Le

Linda Le is a talent acquisition analyst at Lockheed Martin, where she helps candidates acquire jobs that align with their skills and goals.

Notably, having worked with multiple candidates, Linda Le is a modern recruiter who adopts new-gen practices to recruit effectively.

Here’s why you should follow Linda Le:

Linda Le, one of the top 200 female recruiters on LinkedIn, lives up to her name. She understands that business is about building relationships, not transactions.

Moreover, she offers recruiters valuable advice on what candidates are looking for and helps them craft strategies that enhance candidate engagement.

32. Greg Savage

Greg Savage is yet another recruitment connoisseur who assists recruiters in delving through intricacies and thriving in the dynamic and ever-competitive recruitment sector. 

He is the founder of The Savage Recruitment Academy, which offers recruiters a variety of intensive video modules along with a suite of over 50 microlearning videos to provide training for recruiters at any stage of their career.

Here’s why you should follow Greg Savage:

Greg Savage is very active on his LinkedIn page and has solutions for every problem you might encounter as a recruiter.

Furthermore, he talks about recruiting strategies, trends, and real-life stories. Additionally, he can help you build a highly profitable recruiting firm across disciplines and international borders.

33. Amy Miller

Amy Miller calls herself a recruiting truth-teller and myth-buster. With over 20+ years of experience recruiting for jobs of every level, from truck drivers to CXOs, she is now a senior recruiter at Amazon’s Project Kuiper. 

She also has a blog, Recruiting in Yoga Pants, offering insightful advice for job seekers and recruiters.

Here’s why you should follow Amy Miller:

Firstly, Amy Miller is one of the best recruiters to follow on LinkedIn, providing interesting advice that simplifies the recruiting process. Moreover, she doesn’t overcomplicate things and tells you what to do and what not to do for both recruiters and candidates, so that each can meet their goals without overcomplicating.

If you want to know how to gloss over resumes to pinpoint the ‘ideal’ candidates and how to use keywords, techniques, and other facets of modern recruiting, you should not miss out on Amy Miller.

34. Pradeep Desu

Pradeep Desu is an experienced recruiting professional with expertise in hiring for product companies, seeding new teams, and helping startups scale. 

He has managed hiring and HR functions across corporate business units and international regions, and he is now helping other recruiters based on his experience.

Here’s why you should follow Pradeep Desu:

Pradeep Desu is a must-follow recruiting professional for staffing and recruiting firms. He has deep experience and knowledge in recruiting and shares how to incorporate them effectively into your workflow. 

He also participates in webinars with other industry experts and provides expert insights on modern entry-level and executive recruiting.

35. Liz Ryan

Liz Ryan is a top leadership voice on LinkedIn and the founder of Human Workplace, a coaching, content, and consulting firm. They offer job search, branding, leadership, HR, and career development courses.

With decades of experience in the recruitment industry, she has written over 2500 articles on recruiting and HR for Forbes, generating 8 to 10 million page views monthly.

Here’s why you should follow Liz Ryan:

Liz Ryan regularly posts on LinkedIn and Twitter about the latest trends and events in the recruiting world. 

She offers objective opinions and solutions on how recruiters can thrive through difficulties and expedite recruitment more efficiently.

36. Bonnie Dilber

Bonnie Dilber is the recruiting manager for Zapier. She offers tidbits of information on diversity and tech recruiting. 

She believes in the mantra “your network is your net worth,” helping recruiters build a robust network to partner with top-tier clients and recruit ideal candidates.

Here’s why you should follow Bonnie Dilber:

Bonnie Dilber talks about recent difficulties in recruiting, such as quiet quitting, loud quitting, and many more. She cites the reasons why candidates do so and offers insights for HR leaders on how to avoid them.

She recommends AI tools and techniques that recruiters can leverage to enhance their recruiting effectiveness and provide solutions to ease the mental load off their shoulders.

37. Marie Ablaza 

Marie Ablaza, won the Top Recruiter Award in 2021 and 2022 and was named one of the 100 Outstanding Women in Video Games.

She talks about best recruiting practices and how to enhance branding to network with prominent clients and candidates.

Here’s why you should follow Marie Ablaza:

Marie Ablaza offers simple, concise, and wholesome advice for recruiters on rarely discussed topics like referral guarantees, personal branding, and candidate ghosting.

38. Kevin W. Grossman

Kevin W. Grossman is an HCI-certified Talent Acquisition Strategist (TAS) and Human Capital Strategist (HCS) with over 24 years of domain expertise in the HR and TA industry and the related technology marketplace.

He is a prolific blogger and writer on HR and recruiting topics and is now the Talent Board president and a board member responsible for the Candidate Experience Awards worldwide.

Here’s why you should follow Kevin W. Grossman:

Kevin W. Grossman is dedicated to discovering ways recruiters can streamline and simplify their hectic sourcing and recruiting efforts. 

He constantly talks about the benefits of AI and automation. He also collaborates with other industry experts on webinars and renowned recruiting events. In these events, he discusses the need for efficient candidate screening and the rising problems of talent shortages.

39. Melanie Chavez

Melanie Chavez is a talent sourcing specialist for IT, Finance, Manufacturing, and LATAM. She has solid knowledge of using various sourcing tools and techniques, including but not limited to Boolean search, aggregators, automation tools, LinkedIn Recruiter, Indeed, and many more.

With her expertise as a recruiter and diversity specialist, she maps out the market, provides reports on talent pipelines, and offers guidance on enhancing diversity while recruiting.

Here’s why you should follow Melanie Chavez:

Melanie Chavez uploads content on how to build effective sourcing strategies, using innovative ideas to engage top talent and convert them into candidates. 

Thanks to her avid fascination with technology, she engages and educates other Talent Acquisition experts about various sourcing tools and techniques.

40. Brianna Rooney

Brianna Rooney is the CEO of Thriversity, where she equips future recruiters with knowledge of recruiting, sourcing, and talent acquisition through recruiting courses that use learning and development best practices.

She is also the CEO of Talent Perch, where she helps recruiting agencies pick the right technology and ensure that the best candidates are recruited.

Here’s why you should follow Brianna Rooney:

Brianna Rooney has years of experience in the recruitment industry and is still constantly researching strategies to enhance recruitment. 

She often participates in webinars where she shares insightful strategies on how recruiting teams worldwide can recruit the best candidates.

The bottom line

By following these recruitment influencers, you’ll get the inside scoop of the latest trends, and learn how to recruit the best candidates efficiently. Ultimately, understanding the expectations of both job seekers and clients is paramount, and these influencers will serve as a bridge to help you achieve that understanding.

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