Top Marketing Strategies for Staffing Agencies To Attract High Ticket Clients

Staffing and recruiting companies are known to have a terrific sense of both active and passive candidates. However, what truly helps successful staffing agencies stand out from the crowd is their ability to position themselves in the recruiting landscape and inspire clients and candidates to choose them over their competitors. Being able to generate job orders to work on is the single largest thing that sets successful scaled-up staffing firms from the ones that don’t and it’s pretty obvious why. 

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This is a really difficult problem to solve! And you’d be surprised to know that more than 90% of staffing and recruiting businesses stay under 10 employees and only a very select few can grow beyond the size of 10. It’s mind-boggling how few agencies can scale beyond the magic number of $1mn in billing!

To be one of the breakouts, you need a consistent and predictable way of bagging large customers and for that, you need to implement an effective recruitment marketing strategy. This results in increased inbound leads, higher conversion rates, more job orders, and more revenue. Also, to establish yourself as a reputable agency, you can use online reputation management tools. It’ll strengthen your market standing and will help to attract better customers and the right talent.

According to data, staffing agencies in the U.S. alone rake in over $140 billion a year in revenue. 

The industry is continually expanding with more and more companies getting into the recruitment landscape. There are around 25,000 staffing and recruitment firms in the United States, with approximately 49,000 offices. The temporary and contract staffing segment of the business employs around 56 percent of firms and 76 percent of offices. So, the race to bag the best clients and top talent is fierce. 

Factors to determine what’s best for you 

Before moving onto top recruitment marketing strategies for staffing agency sales, it’s important that you find answers to questions like:

  • What makes your recruiting agency unique?
  • What is the scope of your recruitment marketing needs? 
  • What resources can you afford to invest in your marketing?
  • What is the time for achieving your goals?
  • How do you find and sell to your current clients?
  • What is your brand positioning in the market?
  • Do you have any tools ready to use in your sales and marketing process?

These are some of the key questions that will help you identify your current positioning, how far you are from your goals, and give you an idea about how to get started and increase staffing agency sales using recruitment marketing. 

In this article, we’ll share proven frameworks and strategies that will help your staffing agency gain bigger customers systematically, without spending all your resources on sales.

Top Recruitment Marketing Strategies Staffing Agencies Use to Land High-Ticket Clients

Getting high-ticket clients can be challenging, especially in a fiercely competitive market where businesses leverage intelligent tools like recruitment CRM and efficient frameworks for marketing and sales. To make your staffing agency stand out in the crowd, you need a consistent, well-crafted marketing plan covering both inbound and outbound lead generation processes

Here are the top recruitment marketing strategies for increasing staffing agency sales:

1. Target 50 companies or people you have identified as the best high-ticket prospects for your business. 

First things first. To build a solid recruitment marketing plan that helps you generate predictable revenue, you need to research your market and spot leads, or rather qualified leads. These are the companies that are your potential customers and 

  • Who is well within your niche, 
  • Fall into a specific revenue bandwidth, 
  • And could benefit from your recruiting services. 

Figure out their pain points, and how you, as a recruitment company, can solve them. The first step to creating a recruitment marketing strategy is to build your Ideal Customer Profile, popularly known as ICP. Learn the step-by-step process of building an ICP for your staffing business here or read on below if you want a tl;dr version of it. 

You could look for information such as:

  • Website and social media, 
  • Upcoming projects, 
  • Rounds of hiring and firing, especially new C-level leaders, 
  • Press releases and mentions in the media, 
  • Financial events like mergers or investments, 
  • Technologies or software in use. 
  • Common positions that they are always recruiting for

With this information, you can get an understanding of what your prospective company’s focus is. An easy way to find this information by yourself is by setting up Google Alerts for each potential client. This will help you stay updated on possible hiring triggers and the most recent information about them. 

The key is to find and build relationships with potential customers. Remember, it’s best to connect directly with decision-makers that have budgetary discretion in your target companies. Ideally, look for multiple points of contact. 

This helps in building relationships with multiple people, which is great in the long run. Otherwise, it can get challenging to keep track of where your single point of contact is if they are still working for the same organization and in the same department. 

Develop a follow-up process for these target customers. Use social touches and emails to check up on them frequently. For instance, here’s an idea to get you started:

At this point, you need to not just build relationships but nurture them. Be consistent in how you present your brand and how you can offer solutions to your potential customers’ challenges. Make your recruitment company as the go-to resource that a specific segment of businesses can turn to anytime they require staffing services. One of the best ways to nurture your prospects is through email sequences. Recruiterflow, a recruitment CRM, offers best-in-class email sequences as a built-in integrated feature. Check it out in action below. 

2. Develop a Winning Content & Inbound Marketing Strategy for Your Recruitment Marketing Plan

The Power of a Content-Driven Recruitment Strategy for Agencies.

Whether your target clients are in the eCommerce market or the SaaS industry, you need to make sure that you have a winning marketing strategy spread horizontally across various channels and segments to access target customers. 

Content & Inbound Marketing Strategies

Inbound marketing has completely changed the dynamic of how businesses find their customers. It is a form of marketing wherein your prospective customers (or candidates) reach out to you directly to seek your services. 

The first rule of inbound marketing is to give value to your prospects and that’s why content and inbound marketing go hand in hand. When you create useful content that is interesting, relevant, educational, timely, and/or actionable, it can get you good traffic to your website, social media, and others – most of these being people who are interested in doing business with your company.

The first step is to understand the buyer’s journey for your staffing firm and identify the top 3-5 marketing channels where your prospective customers spend the most time. 

To make the process easier and quicker, look into your competitors’ keywords and see what’s working for them and what’s not. Then combine generative artificial intelligence with your human experts to create better, attractive content. While this might seem time-intensive at the beginning, it’s worth the resources you put into it for the long run. 

For instance, if you’re looking to connect with decision-makers or C-level executives, LinkedIn is a great platform to find and connect with them. You can share your digital business card on your LinkedIn profile too, so inbound leads can connect directly. Similarly, if you’re trying to build an online presence, you can publish blogs on your website twice a week or maybe more depending on your needs. 

Here are some of the content ideas for your staffing agency: 

The ultimate goal is to create a community that resonates with your messaging and your brand. They regularly consume your content and thus you become their go-to when they want to solve their recruiting problems. Make sure to set up proper marketing reporting to see what content and channels work best for growing and engaging your audience 


Now, one of the key ways to market your content (or your staffing agency per se) is to optimize your website for SEO to drive higher traffic and gain better search engine rankings. 

Google and other search engines like Bing use links to crawl and index websites. When you create backlinks for your website, they are crawled by search engines which further pushes the content higher in the SERPs. 

According to data from BackLinko, the #1 organic result in a Google search is a whopping 10x more likely to receive a click compared to the 10th result. 

The goal is to publish valuable, action-driven content that helps you establish your staffing agency as a credible, authentic source of information online – and a company that is trusted by its customers extensively. 

“The more relevant content you have, the higher your SERPs.”

Now, technical SEO can get intimidating, but here are a couple of starting points where you may require technical SEO services that can help your website rank better:

  • Site architecture: Internal linking, URL structure, and taxonomy. 
  • Page speed optimization: High-quality media compression, server optimization, caching, script compression, etc. 
  • Mobile optimization: Mobile bot crawl behavior, progressive web apps, AMP, etc. 
  • Site migrations: HTTP to HTTPS, CMS changes, domain migrations, SSL certificates. 
  • Content optimization: Duplicate content, entity optimization, duplicate content, etc. 

Content and inbound marketing strategies are all about creating content for your ideal customers and then letting those people come to you for your services. If you want to overcome language barriers, content localization will help you reach a global audience.

Tip 3. Leverage Event Marketing to Find New Clients 

Once upon a time, in the land of recruiting wonderland, we all used to host events to meet other companies, executives, employees, and whatnot. While the kingdom might be under siege from the pandemic right now and all you’re doing is hosting online events, event marketing is a pillar marketing strategy that isn’t going to get over with a pandemic. 

Once all is well in the world, you’ll see how events will flourish. After all, it is an incredibly effective marketing strategy to increase staffing agency sales when done the right way. 

There are mainly two things that you can do. 

  • Attend recruiting events that attract a lot of your target prospects
  • Host/Sponsor events where you can invite your prospects 

The major benefit of hosting an event as a staffing agency is that you own the visibility, value, and audience. You can demonstrate exactly how you have helped other, similar companies achieve their staffing, marketing, and revenue goals. 

What’s most important for successful event-based marketing is what you do after the event. Make sure your sales team is proactive and approaches potential customers just the right way. You could reach out to your potential clients in 2-3 days via emails or calls. Keeping a checklist handy to ensure you have touch-based with all of your leads will help you keep your process more structured and lean. 

Another thing with event marketing is that it helps you build a community, which is pretty much what you’ll try to achieve with your content and inbound marketing as well. 

As we discussed earlier in the article, it’s very important to build a loyal fan base that believes in your authenticity, and wouldn’t mind trying out your services when needed. Hosting events can help you position your recruitment business as a trustworthy and result-driven company that strives to deliver to its clients. 

4. Establish a Client Referral Program that Drives New Clients

Referral programs are still one of the most powerful marketing ways to increase staffing agency sales. Not just employee referral programs, but client referral programs that pave the way for your business to acquire high-ticket clients. 

If implemented the right way, referral programs can have various benefits for your hiring process, including easier lead generation, higher conversion rate, increased customer acquisition, and revenue. 

Now, many staffing agencies often confuse referral programs with word-of-mouth marketing. While these two may share similar goals, the processes are slightly different. The former aims to incentivize clients to participate in the referral program and successfully bring paying customers to your business. The latter is a more vague process, where your clients may refer your staffing agency to another firm. 

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The challenge with word-of-mouth marketing is really the lack of data and analysis you can pull off. It’s difficult to extract useful information such as how many clients did a customer bring in, what was the value of the acquired client, what is the conversion rate of these referral clients, and what should be a good compensation for the referral company if any. 

To make it more data-driven, we at Recruiterflow encourage staffing agencies to create a client referral program. This way you will have more concrete data on your clients and it’ll be easier to figure out who is bringing how much to the table. You can measure your stats, see the conversion rate, focus on industries that bring you the highest income, and have a more result-driven approach to your sales. 

Now, building a referral program takes a more strategic approach. Have a central theme, a specific team in charge, decide on the incentives, analyze results, optimize, and re-iterate the process. Recognize and reward clients who contribute the most to the referral program. Share their success story with your community, subscribers, blog followers, and other existing customers. 

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Let Recruiterflow Do The Heavywork While You Build Your Recruitment Marketing Plan

Effective marketing strategies to increase staffing agency sales are all about finding the right frameworks that work for your niche and efficiently implementing them. 

At Recruiterflow, we help recruiting and staffing agencies automate their client outreach to effectively reach new clients.

With an end-to-end system that takes care of the boring, manual tasks for you, you can focus on more important things like building good relationships with your clients and candidates, implementing new recruitment marketing processes to increase staffing agency sales, and do much more. 

Our team helps staffing and recruitment companies track and manage their pipelines. Right from tracking candidates to keep your operations seamless, to effectively collaborating with clients to update them on their hiring progress, we ensure your staffing agency stays at the top of its game. 


There is a lot that goes into creating the right recruitment marketing strategies to increase staffing agency sales. The process entails performing market research, building frameworks, selecting the right tools, choosing the ideal channels, and finally, putting it all together. 

Start by getting to know your ideal prospective clients – who they are, what challenges are they facing, and how you can help them achieve their goals. This information will act as a starting point for your staffing agency to put a plan in place that lets you reach out to them in an effective manner, and communicate your value to sell your service. 

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