Using Social Media for Recruiting

written by Amritanshu Anand
using social media for recruiting

Social media is the second most effective source for hiring candidates after referrals. Using social media for recruiting purposes gives you access to a large global pool of candidates. Facebook has more than 1.86 billion users, Twitter has 320 million and LinkedIn has over 450 million. These channels not only allow your reach active candidates but also enhance your ability to reach passive candidates.

using social media for recruiting

using social media for recruiting


So if you don’t have a social media strategy in place, it’s time to make one. Here are some tips which you can use on the following social media:


Using Facebook for recruitment

Facebook has recently launched Jobs section which can also be there on your Facebook page.
Add a cover photo which depicts your company culture. Also, fill in the details about your company on your page.

Ask your employees to engage with your brand on Facebook.

Join groups and like pages which are relevant to your prospective candidates. For instance, if you are hiring Software Developers you can join a Python group and like a similar page. Look out for members who match your candidate persona. Don’t spam on these forums otherwise, you will be blocked from these.

Keep sharing images and videos about your company on your Facebook page. Usually, images and videos have more engagement on Facebook than traditional media. Share images with following resolution (in px):

  • Post: 940 x 788
  • In-feed ad image: 1200 x 628
  • Right column ad image: 1200 x 628
  • Carousel ad image: 600 x 600

Create a Facebook event whenever you are doing a hiring event. Invite people from your network, ask your employees to invite their relevant friends. Also, post about the event in groups and ask page moderators to share your event.

Hold Facebook Q&A with your employees talking about your teams and culture. Occasionally use Facebook Live to showcase your company.

Use Facebook Graph Search to find relevant candidates.

Dig deeper into your page audience using Audience. Understand their demography, interests to optimize your posts accordingly.

You can also run ads targeted to your target audience.


Using LinkedIn for recruitment

LinkedIn is the largest professional networking site and is a gold mine for recruiters. You get to know candidates and all about their professional experience.

Create a LinkedIn company page. Add an image which tells about your company culture. Having an image on company page increases the chance of viewing by 14X.

Write a description of your company. LinkedIn uses this description to tell people about your company. Google also crawls this description to decide your order in its search result.

LinkedIn only shows 200 characters of your description above ‘See More’ and Google only shows the first 154 characters in its search result. Use your first 154 characters wisely and frame the rest to give desired information.

There are a number of professional groups on LinkedIn. Join groups relevant to you.

Ask your employees to mention your company name in their description.

You can also create a job ad on LinkedIn. LinkedIn charges for job ad and charges extra (CPC) if you want to boost it.

Always use boolean commands to search candidates on LinkedIn. It gives you a much-filtered result as compared to putting in a generic keyword.

Use Recruiterflow Chrome extension to actively source candidates and run personalized drip email campaigns on them.


Using Twitter for recruitment

Create a separate Twitter handle for jobs like Airbnb has done.

Social media recruiting using twitter


Tweet 2-3 tweets every day talking about your culture, open positions, and company.

Tweets are really powerful with hashtags. Use hashtags wisely! If you are hiring a back-end developer in Chicago your tweet can have hashtags like #pythonjobs #chicagojobs etc. Do research your hashtag before you use it, always see if it’s not there for any other messaging. Always use one hashtag for your company specific job (something like #yourcompanyjobs) which your accompany every job opening tweet.

Do a Twitter AMA between your employees and prospective candidates.Find people relevant to your job using search, lists, and tweets. Follow these people as there is a high chance they will follow back and will then subscribe to your tweets.

Find people relevant to your job using search, lists, and tweets. Follow these people as there is a high chance they will follow back and will then subscribe to your tweets.


Using Snapchat for recruitment

Snapchat is all about storytelling.  If you have never used Snapchat we advise you to use it first personally then create a business account. Alternatively, you can also ask someone who knows Snapchat in and out in your company to handle your company handle.

While using Snapchat for recruiting you can use some of the following ideas:

  • Give your followers an inside peek to your office culture using Stories. Share your office space, cafeteria, employee short videos, CEO desk, sessions etc.
  • When you are hosting a college event, guest lecture in your office or if someone from your team is speaking at some event, share stories. Do mention relevance of the story in each video/picture as your followers won’t have much idea about it.
  • Share snaps of office birthdays, parties, events etc.
  • Whenever opening a job, post a preview on Snapchat as well.
  • Ask questions from your followers through Snapchat and answer them through your employees by creating a story.
  • Always have a call to action where users can know more or apply for a job.
  • Always feel free to use filters.  

The above ideas only work when you have a good follower base on Snapchat. Use your other social media handles (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) to ask people to follow you on Snapchat.


Using Instagram for recruitment

Instagram with it latest update has become very similar to Snapchat. Memories in Instagram are equivalent to stories in Snapchat. You can also share images/short videos which remain on the platform until you delete it. Create a separate Instagram handle for your careers and keep sharing inside peek into your company culture, job openings, team members etc. Always have a call to action in the description. Hashtags are also popular on Instagram so they can be used here as well. You can follow the same methodology as that of Twitter.

Memories can be used to showcase an event, what’s happening at the office today, job opening or you can ask your followers to ask questions and then your team can answer them in form of memory.


There is no guidebook for social media recruiting. You have to constantly evolve as per your audience interests. Always experiment with content, images, videos, snaps and measure the result. Scale what you think works for your brand!

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