Recruiting with Facebook

Facebook is an incredibly powerful social media platform and we think it’s worth exploring as a tool for recruiting. 

Recruiters are usually only focused on LinkedIn; recruiting with Facebook can help you stand apart as most other recruiters are not competing as fiercely on Facebook as they do on Linkedin.

In this article, we are going to talk about how to use Facebook for recruitment in 2024!

Why should you use Facebook for recruitment in 2024?

  • According to research by Aberdeen Group, 73% of employees (18-to-34-year-olds) found their last job through a social media network.
  • Facebook is the most popular social media channel used for recruiting (68%), followed by LinkedIn (65%).
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  • Facebook is considered to be the second-best social channel that sources the highest quality candidates.
  • 81% of job seekers want to see career posts on Facebook.
  • Facebook is rated the best tool for screening candidates with over 3 in 10 recruiters using it solely for that purpose.

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How Facebook is used for recruitment – how to post a job on Facebook 2024

As a recruiter, harnessing the power of Facebook can significantly enhance your candidate search efforts. To make the most of this social media platform, it’s crucial to adopt a well-planned and professional demeanor. The following tips can guide you in your quest to find the right candidates on Facebook:

1. Create a strong company page

The first step to recruiting with Facebook is creating a strong company page. Companies looking to recruit using Facebook need to set up a place where potential employees can learn about the company, see what it’s all about, and get excited about the opportunity. In addition to an outstanding profile picture, create an outstanding Facebook cover that showcases your brand identity.

The best way to do this is by creating an engaging, informative company page that showcases your culture and brand. This should include –

  • A short bio about your company and its mission (make sure this is consistent across all of your social media accounts)
  • A link to your careers page (where job seekers can find out more about applying for jobs at your company)
  • A link to an employee resource center (which contains information on benefits, compensation, and other workplace resources)
  • A video tour of the office space and culture at your company (this will help people get an idea of what it’s like to work there).

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2. Learn the basics of Facebook ads and post job listings

We recommend using Facebook ads to recruit new talent. Facebook ads are effective because they can target specific groups of people by their demographics, location, interests, etc. 

Added to that, Facebook advertising is way cheaper than dedicated hiring platforms like LinkedIn.

Here’s a simple example of Facebook recruitment ads that you can run –

Monster social recruiting

Recruiting with Facebook has never been easier. Along with finding the right audience, this platform also provides you with all the required resources to boost your recruiting process in the most seamless way possible. 

Need help posting free job listings on Facebook? Check out the official guide here. Furthermore, check out the official guide by Meta to get started with Facebook ads here.

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3. Leverage client/candidate advocacy on Facebook

Client advocacy is one of the best ways to reach potential candidates. 

By leveraging client/candidate advocacy on Facebook, you can spread your recruitment message and build brand awareness.

Here’s how you can do it right in 2024 –

  • Identify the most effective client/candidate who is not only engaged with your brand but also hashave a strong following on their own personal profiles.
  • Offer these individuals incentives for engaging with your brand on their personal Facebook profiles—they will receive discounts on products or services, free gifts or perks, or other incentives that are appealing to them personally.
  • Make sure that any content posted by these clients/candidates is positive and engaging—if it doesn’t drive engagement from their followers, then it won’t drive engagement from potential applicants either!

4. Explore Facebook groups

Facebook groups are a great way to find candidates. If you’re looking for someone with a particular skill set, a Facebook group might be the perfect place to start your search.

Facebook groups can be public or private and can be focused on anything from entrepreneurs to dog lovers. Some are very active and have thousands of members, while others are more niche. You can browse through groups by category or by region if you’re looking for people in specific cities or states (or even countries).

The best way to find a Facebook group is to search for it using the search bar at the top of the page and then join it once you’ve found it! You’ll probably want to look into joining multiple groups at once since that will allow you access to more potential candidates than just one would provide on its own.

Or you can even start your own group to target specific demographics!

If you already have a Facebook page, consider adding a link to your group in the “About” section of your page so that visitors can find it easily. You’ll want to set up a separate group for recruiting purposes so that other members don’t get confused by or annoyed with the constant flow of messages related to job openings.

5. Continuously build your network on Facebook

If you want to recruit the best talent for your company, you’ll need to build a strong network. And that means using Facebook to its full potential.

Here are some tips on how to do that –

  1. Start by connecting with people who are already in your network. You can do so by searching for them by name, or by searching for keywords associated with their industry. If you’re having trouble finding someone, try messaging them directly on Facebook Messenger and asking if they’d be willing to be added as a friend.
  2. Once you’ve built up your network of friends and acquaintances, you should begin connecting with people who have similar interests or backgrounds as you but aren’t already connected through mutual friends or acquaintances. This will help expand your network even further and give you access to new ideas and perspectives!
  3. Don’t forget about keeping up with people who might not necessarily be interested in what you’re offering right now—but could be interested down the line! Set up automated reminders that let them know when something new is happening at your company so they don’t miss out on anything exciting happening around here!

Bonus tips: Leverage Facebook to meet your recruitment goals like never before!

  • Be consistent with your messaging across all channels and make sure that each position has its own unique description on each platform.
  • Post content regularly to keep people engaged with your brand and encourage them to apply for jobs.
Social Recruiting with Facebook


  • Use video as much as possible — especially when advertising positions. Facebook algorithms promote videos way better than plain text posts as they invariably generate better engagement.
  • Create “custom audiences” based on past applicants or employees who have already applied for roles at your company. This allows you to target those people specifically when posting new jobs or promoting existing ones so they see them first!
  • Make sure that your job descriptions are clear and informative on both your website and social media.

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Hire the best talent using Facebook today!

In the end, there is still much that is unknown and unexplored about Facebook’s future as a social media recruiting tool. 

If you’re looking for a place to start your own research into this platform, there are plenty of resources out there—too many to list here as a matter of fact. 

From Facebook Lives to polls and surveys to Facebook job posting options to Facebook groups – there’s so much your recruiting agency can leverage from this powerful platform.

Hopefully, this post will help get things started for you, and maybe it’ll even help you jump ahead of the curve while recruiting with Facebook in 2024.

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