Think Like a Marketer When Sending Recruiting Emails

written by Amritanshu Anand
Think like a marketer when sending recruiting emails

Whenever we think about the marketing team, we see people throwing numbers and paper balls at each other. As a recruiter, we can always learn a thing or two from marketers (Maybe, leave the paper ball thing for now). Marketers regularly send emails to the prospective user base to create awareness, engage and finally acquire them. While sending recruiting emails, recruiters can also think like marketers to get their stallions.


Marketing and recruitment are not so different. Your ideal candidate would probably be working at Google or Amazon or Tesla and not be actively looking for a job. However, she might join you if given a fast career path. How do you create awareness and engage your candidates to make them apply to your company? Traditionally, marketing has been doing the same when it comes to user acquisition.


Marketing funnel vs Talent Acquisition funnel

Marketing funnel vs Talent Acquisition funnel

source: Slideshare


Writing recruitment emails are tricky! But you don’t need to be a marketing maven to attract talent. Here is how you should think like a marketer when sending emails:


Define your target audience

Defining the target audience is the first thing a marketer does before creating any campaign. It helps you streamline your messaging and channels. As a recruiter, you should create an ideal candidate persona to define your target audience. Get to know where your candidates spend their time online, what do they read, what skills they have!

You should also define a list of negative keywords which you don’t want to target. It helps you save time otherwise wasted on candidates whom you don’t want to reach out.

Source Users

Defining your ideal candidate persona helps you figure out sources where these candidates might be. Try to be as specific as possible in defining your search criteria. Most of the recruiters use generic keywords and end up connecting with the same bunch of people as their peers. Targeting specific niche keywords helps you reach new candidates. Every recruiter loves LinkedIn as a primary source. Try to remove your LinkedIn love bias and explore other sources as well. For

Every recruiter loves LinkedIn as a primary source. Try to remove your LinkedIn bias and explore other sources as well. For instance, GrowthHackers is a great community for marketing and growth people. GitHub and StackOverflow can help you get awesome engineers. Never be platform biased! Use recruiterflow’s sourcing toolkit to see how to do this effectively and easily at scale!


Study Candidates

It is really easy to send a mass email to your candidate database but you hardly get any reply. Studying the candidate and sending them a super personalised first email really helps. I have personally seen some recruiters getting close to 70% response rate when they send a super-personalised introductory email.

You should always study the person you are reaching out to. Talk about their interests, achievements, life and make first touch-point highly personalised.

Create drip campaigns for recruiting emails

Drip email campaigns are a set of emails sent out automatically as per a predefined schedule. Sending a super personalised first touch point gets you candidate’s attention, but to actually get a reply you need to follow-up with the candidate. Most people usually reply on 2nd email of the campaign. These personalised

Most people usually reply on 2nd email of the campaign. These personalised follow-ups can be automated using tools like Recruiterflow. Try not sending emails on weekends. Also, figure out what time in the day works best.

Measure data

A true marketer always measures data while running a campaign. It helps them figure out what’s working and what’s not and iterate their campaigns accordingly.

As a recruiter, you should always measure data like email opens, reply rate, link clicks and file downloads. It helps you optimise your content for a better conversion.

Do A/B testing

A/B testing has been traditionally used by marketers to know which version of their messaging works better on their customer base.

AB Testing - Marketing

AB Testing – Marketing


You, as a recruiter can send two or more variants of the same email to your candidates randomly and see what works best in achieving your goal.

However, to run an A/B test your candidate database should be large enough to get measurable results. Also only change, one thing at a time! For example, if you are running A/B test on subject line, only change the subject line. Leave the other parts of the email intact.

AB testing can be used consistently to continually improve a given messaging, improving your conversion rate over time.


Engage candidates even if they don’t convert

All of us receive communication from brands even if we show just a little interest in the product and not buy the product. In marketing, these users are typically acquired at a cheaper cost as they are already aware of the brand (remember the first stage of marketing funnel). Do the same for your candidates as well.

A candidate may not be open to applying to your company right now but this doesn’t mean you drop them out of your talent acquisition funnel.

Keep them engaged, send them content, news about your company, congratulate them on an achievement. Maybe the next time they are looking out, they themselves will reach out to you as they have crossed the awareness and engagement part of the talent acquisition funnel.


By adopting the marketing mindset while sending emails, you focus heavily on converting great candidates and make your recruitment engine more efficient.

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