Recruiting with linkedIn
How to Recruit on LinkedIn – 10 Free Strategies for 2024

LinkedIn has more than 55 million companies listed on the site with 14 million open jobs. So it’s no surprise that 87% of recruiters regularly use LinkedIn. Safe to say, the potential for LinkedIn is far higher than any other social networking site when it comes to recruiting with LinkedIn playing

benefits of applicant tracking software
15 Benefits of Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

According to a GetApp survey of 300 recruiters, 86.1% of users reported a significant acceleration in their hiring process by implementing an ATS. But speed isn’t the only perk – an impressive 78.3% attribute an enhancement in the overall quality of candidates through this transformative technology.   By leveraging an ATS, you can dedicate

candidate experience
10+ Actionable Tips To Improve Candidate Experience in 2024

We know what it’s like to have pressing questions about your candidate experience – Do we engage enough with our candidates? What are the top 3 things we need to improve in our recruiting process? How likely are candidates to apply to our jobs- and not have a clear sense of

Talent mapping
Talent Mapping for Recruiters in 2024 – Complete Insights

Thanks to the pandemic, there are two tectonic shifts that are changing the way we look at work and the way we work: the Great Resignation and the remote work. These are massive changes happening in the recruitment landscape and they are only gaining momentum with time.  According to the most

Stack Overflow
The hidden way of sourcing incredible developers on stackoverflow

Sorry about the clickbaity headline but now that you are here, riddle me this. Did you know that there is StackOverflow is a truly open source platform where you can query their database in SQL format and get an output of all the developers who contribute to StackOverflow? Developers are notoriously

how to source candidates on stackoverflow
How to use SQL query generator to source candidates on Stackoverflow?

Boolean search on google to source candidates from stack overflow is an extremely inefficient way of searching for candidates. Google’s algorithm runs on incoming hyperlinks and thus it will automatically surface candidates that have links to their answers and where people spend more time. This is not necessarily the best way