Cold email templates for recruiters that work

written by Manan Shah

Cold email outreach can be scary at best and a complete waste of time at worst. However, there are ways to warm up that cold outreach and crush it on your conversion rates. Following our last blog post about how to personalize cold outreach emails, some of you asked us to shell out a few examples that can really help them create their next great campaign! So we create 6 awesome cold email templates for recruiters. 


Cold email – Connect with praise

Template 1: Connect with a sales person

Subject: Hey Katie, loved – “GIFs and art of visuals to get better email conversions”

Hey Seth,

Recently stumbled on your blog about creating engaging sales emails with GIFs and visual elements to get better responses. Have to say – absolutely loved it. I have been using GIFs(cause who doesn’t love them) in my emails and getting incredible results. Your efforts must have led to tremedous results at {{candidate_company_name}}.

I lead recruitment at {{your_company_name}}. We think you’ve got a way of doing sales that can sway a maybe to a Yes! We are building a sales team of people like you – not afraid to experiment and deliver results. Would you be interested in a 15 min chat this week?





Template 2: Connect with an engineer

Subject: Skiing Pros needed

Hi Anna,

Just saw your instagram videos of your last skiing trip. I am quite impressed with your skiing skills! How long have you been skiing? I have taken it up last year and can’t wait to glide over the snow the way you do.

I lead recruitment efforts at {{your_company_name}} and we have a fledgling skiing club that really needs a pro skier like you. Also, our engineering team is looking for a new lead for the front end team.

Would you be interested in a brief call to chat about skiing and the role sometime this week?




Template 3: Connect with a designer

Subject: Yoga and design

Hey Aniket,

Came across your medium post about how yoga and meditation has helped you in your creative process. I am thoroughly impressed with your commitment to design and your out of the box thought process. Your work at {{current_company_name}} is really impressive.

I lead recruitment at {{your_company_name}}. We are building out our design team and we are looking for someone to lead it. Would you be interested in having a brief chat about it sometime this week?



P.S. – Hope you had a great trip to India. Would love to understand more about Yoga and your experience around it!


Cold email – Find a connection

Template 4: Connect with a data scientist

Subject: Introduction from Matt

Hey Takada,

I recently met with our mutual friend Matt. While discussing about great data science talent, Matt couldn’t have recommended you more enthusiastically.

Matt is not someone who gets impressed easily! After the conversation I checked your profile online and it looks like you are a perfect fit to lead our data sciences team.

I lead recruitment at {{your_company_name}}. Your experience leading data sciences at Lambda Inc is really interesting and I would love to see if you will be open to discussing a role with us.

Can we jump on a brief call for 15 mins sometime this week?



P.S. – Our data science team recently published a way we optimised travelling salesman problem. I think this would interest you!


Template 5: Connect with a designerHey Srinivas,

Based on your twitter feed, I gathered you are a Christiano Ronaldo fan – prompting me to reach out to you here.

What would Ronaldo be if he didn’t have the support of kick ass midfield formation of Isco and Casemiro!

I went through your profile and some of the work you have put up on dribbble and told myself if design had its Christiano, that would be you. I know you have been only 6 months at {{current_company_name}} and this might be a wrong time to reach out to you, but I decided I will take that chance.

We are looking for someone to lead our design team. Would you be open to having a brief chat about this?



P.S. – I am a Bayern Munich fan myself. We do regular screenings of champion’s league match at our office. Maybe you would like to join us at next Real Madrid match?


Template 6: Connect with a designer

Hey Arnold,

I stumbled across your dribbble profile last month and have been meaning to reach out to you. I understand it’s been just 3 months since you have joined {{candidate_current_company}} but now it’s 4 months! This changes everything(not really, but I did get tired of waiting).

I lead recruitment at {{your_company_name}}. We are looking for an exceptional UX designer with a knack for developing amazing mobile experiences. Your dribbble profile looked like you are the man for the job!

Would it be possible to get on a quick call to discuss this? I understand this might be a really bad time for this but I thought I would give it a go.




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