recruitment automation
A complete guide to Recruitment Automation [With free automation checklist]

In the recruiting world, where competition is fierce and human connections are paramount, your team’s efficiency can be the secret weapon that sets you apart. This is where recruiting automation steps in. In this comprehensive guide, we unveil the transformative potential of recruiting automation. We’ll uncover how it has the power

recruiting email templates
25 Recruiting Email Templates Recruiters Can Use

Are your cold recruiting outreach emails falling flat? Struggling to grab the attention of candidates and clients in today’s crowded inbox? You are not alone. On average, less than 10% of cold emails ever get a reply. To increase the chances of getting a reply, your emails need to stand out

can you get banned from indeed
Indeed’s ban on independent recruiters and what it means for them

If you are not aware, Indeed recently announced that it will remove all the free postings made by Recruiting and staffing agencies. This is not an unprecedented step. Even with their ATS partners like Recruiterflow, Indeed had made their plans clear that they will be restricting access to recruiting and staffing