talent sourcing
8 Talent Sourcing Strategies that Work

Having the right talent sourcing strategy in recruitment not only helps you increase the size of your talent pool but also helps you close positions faster. In this guide, we’ll dive into what is a talent sourcing strategy, effective sourcing techniques, and tools that can help you along the way. What

proactive recruitment
What is Proactive Recruitment?

Proactive recruitment is focused on sourcing, engaging, and attracting candidates ahead of hiring demand. With the ever-increasing time to hire and cost per hire, it makes sense for recruiters to engage their candidates proactively and stay ahead of the hiring demands. Unlike reactive recruiting, proactive recruiting doesn’t depend on candidates applying

100 Customers in 100 days
Our Journey to 100+ customers in less than 100 days

Yesterday we onboarded our 100th customer on Recruiterflow in less than 100 days (83 days to be exact). We rolled out our product on 21st July and reached this milestone on 12th October. What a journey it has been! Following are some of the tactics which we used to reach this

recruiting email outreach
Factors that Affect Your Recruiting Email Outreach

As a recruiter, when we do recruit email outreach and get a reply, most of us are like, “OMG! It’s working. And sometimes when the recruitment outreach isn’t working, we pull our hair out to figure out what’s wrong. Thankfully, it’s not rocket science to understand what drives the success of

recruiting follow up email
Writing an extremely effective follow-up recruitment email

While running your recruitment email campaign, if your first touchpoint didn’t deliver the result, don’t feel bad. It’s almost always the second and third touchpoint that gets the result. Followups are crucial but if done wrong (most of us do it wrong) it hardly helps you convert the candidate. We all

recruitment email marketing
How to Use Email Marketing for Recruitment and Hiring?

Whenever we think about the marketing team, we see people throwing numbers and paper balls at each other. As a recruiter, we can always learn a thing or two from marketers (Maybe, leave the paper ball thing for now). Marketers regularly send emails to the prospective user base to create awareness,