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Finding the right talent is no cakewalk it’s sunshine one day, and a hailstorm the other day!

With recruitment becoming more stressful year by year, we thought to share with you beacons of wisdom and doses of humor in the form of recruitment quotes to fuel your hiring efforts. 

So, sit back and let these 19 recruitment quotes soak in and spark a new energy in you!

Motivational recruitment quotes

1. Recruiting is an art

Motivational recruitment quotes - Recruiting is an art

When assessing candidates, consider intangible qualities such as communication style, adaptability, and cultural fit. Analyzing a person’s fit within the organizational ethos can be a real game-changer!

2. Invest in the right candidate

Invest in the right candidate - recruiting quote by Paul Neal

The consequences of hiring an unskilled or inexperienced candidate can be far more costly in the long run. So, always choose expertise, experience, and quality before quantity, always!

3. Take a chance on unique talents

Take a chance on unique talents - Hiring Quote

Don’t miss out on an exceptional talent just because it’s unfamiliar. Embrace diverse thoughts and bring in people from different backgrounds to tap into a broader pool of candidates, and uncover individuals with unique perspectives.

4. Diversity for the win!

Sundar Pichai Recruitment quotes

When a variety of perspectives, experiences, and voices are represented, it fosters creativity and leads to more effective and inclusive decision-making.

5. Don’t settle for the wrong candidates

Hiring quote by Kevin - Don’t settle for the wrong candidates

Choose candidates that align with the company’s values, culture, objectives, and organizations.

6. Strong relationships go a long way!

Hiring quotes by Stacy Donovan

This is your cue to evolve as the recruiting industry evolves.

Do not focus on headhunting. Instead, focus on how you’re helping the candidates and build strong relationships based on that!

7. Hire the best ones and shape them for success

quotes about hiring

The foundation of success lies in the capabilities and development of the people involved. So, prioritize upskilling and learning always!

8. It’s a candidate-employer-driven market, after all!

Liz Ryan recruitment quotes

Allow the candidates to gain deeper insights into the company culture, values, and opportunities, so they can make an informed decision. 

9. Learn, adapt and evolve

Learn, adapt and evolve - quotes about recruitment

Embrace a growth mindset and proactively look for opportunities to expand your knowledge and skills. Or else, it’ll be you vs AI time and again!

Funny recruitment quotes

10. Food for your thought

Bill Gates

Now, that’s an interesting way to look at it—where’s the lie, though?

11. Meetings—where minutes are kept and hours are lost

Meetings—where minutes are kept and hours are lost "recruitment captions"

There’s a thin line between collaboration and frustration!

12. On a lighter note

recruitment quotes funny

Procrastinating might not be so bad, after all!

13. Ever heard of Laborious Day?

best recruiting lines

A petition to honour those who say they have a work-life balance!

14. “Monday Blues” exist for a reason

talent acquisition quotes

Happy to swap all our Mondays with Fridays!

Relatable recruitment quotes

15. It’s all about selling

Vivek Wadhwa - Relatable recruitment quotes

See recruitment as a sales process and put your efforts into building communication, persuasion, and relationship-building skills to sell your agency to the right candidates.

16. Hire self-sufficient people and then see the magic happen

Hire self-sufficient people and then see the magic happen - recruiter quotes

It’s all about hiring people with the potential to do a job well and then giving them all the creative freedom to let them work towards their goals.

17. Flexible workplaces are the best places to work

Bill Gates Recruitment Quotes

By providing flexibility in work arrangements, such as remote work options, flexible hours, or alternative work schedules, companies can appeal to a broader pool of candidates and meet the diverse needs of employees.

18. As character defines attitude

Jim Collins

Technical skills and experience can be developed over time, traits like integrity, teamwork, and a drive for excellence are hard to find. 

19. Attract your ideal candidates with social media

Recruitment quotes Celinda

Leverage social media to get your brand in front of your ideal candidates. Talk about what makes you unique and why candidates should come to you.

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