recruiting email outreach
Factors that Affect Your Recruiting Email Outreach

As a recruiter, when we do recruit email outreach and get a reply, most of us are like, “OMG! It’s working. And sometimes when the recruitment outreach isn’t working, we pull our hair out to figure out what’s wrong. Thankfully, it’s not rocket science to understand what drives the success of

awards galore
Awards Galore – Recruiterflow clinches rising star and user experience awards

Good folks at Financesonline have awarded Recruiterflow the Rising Star and Great User Experience Awards for 2017.  They must be pretty smart to see this so early! Joking aside, this is a major achievement for us. HR and recruitment software experts at financesonline have pegged Recruiterflow as one of the top

drip marketing
The Ultimate Guide to Drip Marketing Recruiting Campaigns

Recruitment drip marketing isn’t just the latest buzz term, but a lot of savvy sourcers and recruiters have woken up to its potential. They’re taking a page from the sales reps’ playbook and using it with some astounding results. What Drip Marketing Is? A drip campaign is a series of touch

recruiting follow up email
Writing an extremely effective follow-up recruitment email

While running your recruitment email campaign, if your first touchpoint didn’t deliver the result, don’t feel bad. It’s almost always the second and third touchpoint that gets the result. Followups are crucial but if done wrong (most of us do it wrong) it hardly helps you convert the candidate. We all

New Recruiterflow features
New Features – Find anyone’s email id and run drip campaigns on Recruiterflow

At the heart of recruiterflow, it’s the philosophy that a recruiter’s job has changed. Whether you are an agency recruiter or a corporate recruiter, your ability to search for passive candidates and build relationships with them is critical to your success. Today, we are announcing the release of two kickass features

cold outreach
Ingredients of a great cold outreach email for recruiters

The purpose of your cold email is to get read and responded to. If you are not able to write effective emails that get candidates to respond to you, all your efforts prospecting, endlessly browsing through GitHub and LinkedIn, and using a myriad of chrome extensions to find their emails, is