sourcing and recruiting
Introducing Robin – Your sourcing and recruiting sidekick that lives in your inbox

We’ve had our users asking us “Is there a way we can add candidates to Recruiterflow straight out of the inbox. ” or “Does the chrome extension not work in Gmail?” An average recruiter spends 94 minutes everyday sifting around their inbox and going back and forth between their recruiting software

team communication tools
Team Communication Tools to Improve Collaboration in the Recruitment Process

This is a guest post by Nadiia at the Chanty team. Read more about her at the bottom of the post. Team communication is important for a reason. Everyday conversations help team members establish healthy relationships and streamline information sharing while improving the way people collaborate. Today employees interact with each

conversations with recruiters
Flowing Conversation – An interview with Virginia Lloyd

In this newest series, Flowing Conversation, we bring you a series of Interviews with exceptional recruiters and talent acquisition people. For our very first interview, we sat down with Virginia – who has more than a decade of recruiting experience under her hat with companies like Google, Sonos & Spotify and

recruiting blogs
9 Best Recruiting Blogs to Follow in 2024

As a busy recruiter, you are probably wondering if is it even worth your time to read “recruiting blogs”? You are intent on executing the latest sourcing hack (talking of sourcing hacks, do you know the latest way to source developers from stack overflow), reaching out to rockstars, placing candidates, and

warby parker interview questions
Great Interview Questions that CEOs love to ask

Asking the right interview questions that give you insight into someone’s personality, ambitions, biases, and fears is a difficult task. Especially because interviews are designed as a mating dance for both sides, it is difficult to measure them accurately. Recently, the co-founder of Wingify, Paras Chopra started a really interesting tweet

why job boards don't work
Why job boards don’t work?

Here’s a thought. Next time you have an opening, don’t publish it on a job board. I MUST BE CRAZY! Or maybe not. Hear me out why job boards don’t work? What have we done ’til now? We have posted jobs to hundreds of job boards. A lot of the new job