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Think about every candidate interaction – sourcing, screening, interviewing, and selection. This is pretty much what a recruitment process looks like and recruiters need to execute all of these stages for each candidate; this can be automated with a candidate relationship management (CRM) for recruitment. 

Among its many benefits, recruitment CRM system helps you automate recruiting tasks, build relationships, improve candidate experience, and win more deals faster. 

A recruitment CRM helps you connect with candidates as well as clients to help you understand their needs, preferences, and other crucial information that drives their decisions. Without this information, recruiters might end up losing out on top talent or have a longer time to fill which will ultimately lead to a poor client experience. 

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Think of recruitment CRM as an address book. 

Before digital technology, address books were the most accessible and reasonable ways to store data of your personal relationships: people’s names, addresses, birthday, and maybe even their fax numbers. 

Since then, we’ve developed digital systems that can store and organize information in a centralized tool. What’s more, it’s readily available to all your team members so they can quickly access it, unlike an address book that you needed physical access to. 

With a CRM, recruiters can view their data without having to spend time searching for each metric across spreadsheets, files, and email platforms. Instead, data can be presented in a unified way that reduces time to fill and accelerates the hiring process. Clients also have access to the most updated information since a CRM can be integrated with other candidate data in real time.  

In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at what are the benefits of a CRM in recruitment, what it offers, and how it can impact your recruiting business. 

What is a Recruitment Management CRM Software Used For?

A recruitment CRM is a software that consolidates information about all of your relationships in a centralized location. It helps you stay on top of candidate stages and manage your client pipeline to win deals faster.  

Recruitment CRM software is a cloud-based technology that provides you with the tools, metrics, and tracking systems required to hire, manage and coordinate with clients. 

Here are a few things a recruitment CRM can do: 

  • Allows you to set up an automated system for communication with all your clients. The communication medium could be email or text, or both.
  • The client can access the dashboard to track candidates’ progress.
  •  It is not only management, recruitment CRM also plays a part in the acquisition of clients.

By using a CRM in recruitment, you can get rid of silos and share client insights across all your teams. Also, it helps you gather insights and data about your clients to improve decision-making. 

Recruiterflow is one of the most easy-to-use and powerful recruitment CRM platforms with features like drag-and-drop functionality, kanban boards, automated email campaigns, and more—helps you streamline and automate your recruitment process.  

How Recruitment CRM Software Benefits Recruiters

A CRM in recruitment gives you the opportunity to view all of your relationships in context with one another, and in real-time. This means you can focus on bigger goals while your CRM takes care of nurturing relationships with candidates and clients. You can focus on the metrics that matter by zeroing in on key numbers and optimizing your recruitment strategy. 

Modern recruitment CRM platforms like Recruiterflow enable 5 key benefits for recruiting businesses: 

  • Effective collaboration of internal teams and clients for constant communication.  
  • Continuous feedback from clients during the hiring process. This helps avoid a unilateral approach to client selection.
  • Converting leads into clients and managing them as well.
  • Send personalized emails and text messages to both clients and candidates.
  • Deep dive into insights to get a better idea of what’s working and what needs to be worked upon.

Having an easy-to-use CRM allows recruiters to spend less time on mundane, administrative tasks and more time on scaling a recruiting agency. To ensure you’re making the right decision by adopting a recruitment CRM, you need to see the whole picture.  

Top 5 reasons why you need CRM for recruitment 

CRM helps you win the talent war

You cannot possibly turn a blind eye to the talent war that is going on in the recruitment world. It all began with the rise in job opportunities in the post-pandemic era. It won’t be wrong to say that this is the candidates’ market, at least for now. If you won’t get the best fit knocking on your door first, it will knock on your competitors’. As per statistics, good candidates are often taken off the market in 10 days.

Winning the talent war is like freeing two birds with one key. You have a database of these great candidates for your agency and meet the expectations of your clients by getting them the best candidates. A happy client means better retention and making a good name in the recruitment agency.

Though, why not make the clients and candidates come to you? Sounds impossible? Only until you start playing with the right marketing tactics. It includes using the best SEO practices, posting on social media platforms, and engaging with email communication through automated nurture campaigns. 

This influences the clients and candidates to choose you over your competitors. Be out there and stay consistent!

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CRM builds stronger relationships with clients

Like any other relationship, client relationships are built on constant communication and trust. Recruitment automation like CRM can also manage client interactions and relationships. Just like customer interactions have become a crucial aspect of how a brand stands out among the crowd, similarly, ensuring that your client has only the best interactions with you should be a top priority.

Keeping your clients involved in the recruitment process builds trust. A solid CRM system will allow you to send regular emails to clients to maintain constant communication and keep them informed of all the best applicants and hiring updates. Your CRM can assist you to customize the communications you deliver to your clients while you’re keeping in touch with them.

Positive experiences improve client satisfaction and reduce customer loss to competitors. Using recruitment CRM to improve your client experience will give you a competitive advantage and help grow your business and customer base.

CRM automates repeatable tasks to boost sales productivity

This can’t be said enough, but automating manual tasks saves time, and energy and lets you focus on getting more leads and retaining existing clients. 

It is not rocket science to understand that word of mouth works like magic in any industry. Achieving this is only possible when you deliver your best services. This can be done when you automate the tedious tasks like informing clients on each step of recruitment, constantly asking for feedback, etc. 

It is undoubtedly important to perform these administrative tasks, but at the same time, they consume too much of your time and effort. So, keep looking out for processes that can automate repeatable tasks to save time for things that truly deserve your attention.

Recruitment CRM uses the saved data to discover the best-fit candidates right away. With its automated functions, it will speed up the process before you know it. That means you can find the best possible candidate for your client in less time and gain their trust in your capabilities as an efficient recruiter. 

CRM improves collaboration between teams

Auto-sync features in Recruitment CRM make it easier for team members to track down information. With some CRMs, recruiters can communicate directly with all parties involved in the recruitment process through the platform’s built-in communication interface. Using this software, the recruiters can send emails, add notes, send messages, and more. 

All of this is automatically saved in the system and visible to relevant team members, enabling a faster and more accurate takeover. Accuracy is not all a CRM has to offer, since it keeps track of all clients, you can reach out to prospects or existing clients as and when needed. 

CRM helps extract valuable insights from your recruiting data

The main and most basic rule of business is that ‘you cannot improve what you cannot measure’. This is why you need a recruitment CRM that builds your database in a few clicks but also facilitates the extraction of valuable insights from it. This eliminates the need to sift through countless overwhelming details on excel sheets.

You can track hiring times, and determine which channels provide the best candidates. Also, figure out whether your marketing budget is getting the most bang for your buck. Is the hiring procedure reliable? Is it being followed exactly? A recruitment CRM can answer your questions, which will lead to better hires. Consider how useful a quick and accurate report in real-time can be for you and your clients. 

Follow up on leads, revisit past leads and maintain work relationships with existing clients.  Automation can help you do it all!

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Final Thoughts 

So, now you have enough reasons to get a CRM for recruitment. If all this didn’t convince you, then you would want to know that 68% of recruiting professionals believe that investing in new recruiting technology is the best way to improve recruiting performance over the next five years. 

Let automation bring out the best in your team and flourish your industry. This results in a reduction of your precious time and human resource on tasks that can be taken up by recruitment tools. 

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