Making a Mark in the Modern Recruitment Market with Ben Farber

Ben Farber represents the 3rd generation of proud family ownership of Bristol Associates, a boutique executive search firm. In this article, he shares his top strategies to stand out in the modern recruitment landscape as a recruitment agency firm. As modern work continues to adapt to the impact of Covid-19, we’ve

warby parker interview questions
Great Interview Questions that CEOs love to ask

Asking the right interview questions that give you insight into someone’s personality, ambitions, biases, and fears is a difficult task. Especially because interviews are designed as a mating dance for both sides, it is difficult to measure them accurately. Recently, the co-founder of Wingify, Paras Chopra started a really interesting tweet

tell me about a time you missed out on a great candidate. what could you have done better?
This is one reason why you are missing out on great candidates

The ideal candidate — sorry, let me rephrase that, the “perfect candidate” is like a unicorn. They are extremely elusive, if not completely imaginary. You have heard about them in meetings with the hiring managers and read about them in your candidate persona documents but probably haven’t seen them. Now I

structured interviewing
How to conduct a structured interview?

In the mid-50s, when Israel was still an infant state, a 21-year-old bright student of psychology was assigned to set up an interview system for the entire army! The student, unknowingly opened doors for other researchers to find the most effective way of interviewing and making interviews a leading indicator of