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Trends like the “Great resignation” and “quiet quitting” are born from a culmination of real-life experiences and social media content. So it’s not surprising how quickly the recruitment market evolves. But, if you’re a recruiter or a recruitment agency owner, it can be challenging to navigate these trends that take the market by storm overnight and ultimately reflect in your conversions with clients and candidates. 

The solution? You need to create an evergreen pillar strategy and framework that helps you maintain a healthy client pipeline while still working around trends. 

To make it easier, we looked through all the episodes of Grow With The Flow, a recruiting podcast by Recruiterflow, and listed out 11 winning recruitment tips and strategies to help you stay laser-focused on your clients’ needs. 

11 Recruitment Tips Straight From Successful Recruiters

1. Tracy Nickell – Founder, Summit Search Consultants

Tracy has firsthand experience in scaling a recruiting agency remotely and cultivating leaders. She believes that continuous feedback and a small feedback loop are great ways to train new recruiters. 

“One way to train your recruiters is by giving them real-time situations to help them understand the hiring process better and ask them – what an ideal candidate looks like, who would you submit, and who you wouldn’t. Train and provide feedback.”

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2. Steve Le Patner – CEO, Howard Lee and Associates

Steve founded Howard Lee & Associates, a full-service recruitment agency that works closely with tech clients to find the best GTM talent to grow with. His approach to running a hyper-focused, aggressively growing recruitment agency boils down to one piece of advice: constantly adapt to changing market conditions through proprietary resources and cutting-edge technology.

“95% of recruiting success is about finding good people and working with them. With the elevated access to information, the best recruitment firms have narrowed down their focus in terms of target clients, hiring systems, and business models.”

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3. Neil Martin – Managing Director, MBR Partners

Neil has spearheaded hundreds of recruitment projects and has an experience of over 22 years as a recruiter. In our recruiting podcast, he emphasized the gold standard advice about building strong relationships with experienced recruiters and how it helps overcome the challenges of modern recruiting. 

“There’s nothing like having experienced, knowledgeable recruiters in your firm to help guide you through the scaling process. Ideally, a good strategy is a blend of traditional and modern talent recruitment strategies. Most successful recruiters are aggressive to get the right talent.” 

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4. Nolan Greenberg – Founder and CEO, WorthSearch

Nolan goes deep into three pillars: a relationship-driven approach to recruiting top talent, the most up-to-date understanding of the candidate market, and a deep network of elite candidates across all functional areas. No matter what stage you’re at as a recruiter, Nolan’s advice is evergreen and applies to all different kinds of recruitment agencies regardless of their niche or clientele. 

“Hire people you really trust to hand over clients and be rest assured that they’ll have a good experience with these recruiters. Second, have internal systems that make your team efficient and productive. The last thing you want is for your team to feel they’re throwing resumes at the wall, so you want them to be more engaged so they can focus better. A key aspect of recruiting is switching context – you need to assess your thoughts and build an internal framework to identify which tasks need your attention first and what can you do later in the day.

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5. Jon Chintanaroad – Founder, Recruiting Accelerator Learn to Recruit

Jon has scaled a recruiting business from zero to a 7-figure billing and now he helps founders start and scale their recruiting business. Jon talks about all things cold emails—how recruiters should write cold emails, whom they should send emails to, and what elements they should take care of most. If you need help with writing cold emails, building relationships with prospects, or winning clients, this podcast addresses all your questions. 

“While relying on automated solutions to send sequences of emails to your prospects is a great idea, if not done correctly, you run the risk of decreasing your open rates, response rates, and ultimately conversions. Personalizing your messaging that puts the solution in the spotlight will help you cut through the noise. Focus on the initial two or three emails that you exchange with your clients – break the pattern.” 

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6. David Stephen Patterson – Founder, The Digital Headhunter, LLC

David invented the Lighthouse method, an extremely rich resource for headhunters and recruiters to understand how to build and use scaling playbooks to grow your recruiting agency. He talks at length about how your overall message can win you better clients faster. 

“Your messaging entails everything from what’s on your LI or website, every phone conversation, every podcast you’re on. If you have the right messaging and distribution, your prospects will see you as the solution to their challenges. By using the Lighthouse method, you can communicate your recruitment firm’s value proposition, vision, and key differentiators that resonate with your prospects.”

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7. Brad Wolff – Managing Partner, People Max

Brad condenses his learnings from founding two successful recruiting firms in our podcast and shares recruiting tips and strategies recruiters can use to win more retainer clients specifically. 

“Find great clients that are willing to work with you – quality over quantity. To get more clients, do a thorough job of asking questions and running great intake meetings. I teach recruiters how to run great job intake questions that stretch the clients into thinking things and covering things they normally don’t. Once you start doing this, you level up from being a recruiter to a trusted advisor.”

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8. Sebastian Alvarez – CoFounder, 

Sebastian shares insights about the developer-recruitment landscape and its nuances of—hiring top tech talent, building a strong community for developers globally, and winning more experienced candidates for your clients. 

“To scale your staffing firm, deliver great candidate experience. At, we make sure our candidates feel like we’re taking accountability for them while offering a smooth hiring process for the client and ensuring we match the right talent for them.”   

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9. Adam Jackowitz – Senior Director of Operations, Bring Ruckus 

In this episode, Adam delves into unique topics with clear insights about how building an empathy-first culture can result in higher billings. From quantifying efforts to the importance of a director of operations in recruiting firms, he shares relevant tactics and what recruiters should do to one-up their competition in an ever-challenging market

“Identify what’s the value proposition you bring to the table for clients and how you embrace it so you can grow. Why are you different from all other in-house talent acquisition teams and staffing firms out there? I recommend that you create an environment where you can get your prospects to be comfortable and not carry out a hard sell.”

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10. Dandan Zhu, Co-Founder of Recruiter Pro 

Dandan shifted gears from real estate to running a recruitment firm in New York and she shares her experience of navigating economic downturns, billing frameworks, niching down, and becoming a top biller. 

“You should have that much perseverance and tenacity to be able to cut through the noise and connect to people. A key factor is having a niche, some of my recruiters are billing over half a million- recruiting success depends on your market focus and candidate pool – so it’s the scalability of your time, effort, and investment.”

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11. Start growing your recruitment firm with Recruiterflow today

With these data-driven and experience-backed strategies, you can blow past your agency goals faster. 

From niching down to your target clientele, writing better cold emails, building an empathy-first culture at your recruiting firm, and creating a comprehensive plan for scaling your agency, there are multiple steps you can take to get closer to your goals. 

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