May Product Update

We have some exciting updates in store for you this month!

A Calendar Widget That Knows All Your Events And Tasks

Recruiters, your days are busy and cluttered with a million things. We get it! That’s why we brought a calendar widget in Recruiterflow. With this widget,

  • You now have complete visibility of the scheduled events and tasks for yourself and your team
  • You can toggle between day, week, or month to get a more complete picture

Brand New Careers Page Design

Why do application forms ask for the same information that is in my resume?” – This has been a common frustration among candidates applying for a job. We are introducing a brand new design for the careers page. Here’s what changes

  • When an applicant uploads a resume, we will parse the resume so that they have to enter fewer fields manually
  • The page now loads much faster
  • The design has a complete revamp that looks modern, slick, and more mobile-friendly!

We are rolling this feature out in batches, so expect this to hit your account soon.

Recruiterflow is Now SOC 2 Type 1 and ISO 27001 Certified

We take security and privacy very seriously at Recruiterflow. We are now super happy to announce that Recruiterflow is SOC 2 Type 1 and ISO 27001 certified.

With this, we meet the highest standards for security and data protection, ensuring your information is safe with us.

Some Improvements

  • When you search using boolean search filters, the search results will now be loaded with a relevancy score by default. You can still sort by the latest candidates on top using the table sort feature.
  • We added an ‘is set’ parameter in the Last Contacted, Last Engaged, and Placement filters.
  • If your recipe has an action of move stage and your trigger is “Enters/exits Saved Search”, the recipe is now way smarter to recognize which job to apply this action to – if a candidate is added to multiple jobs.

MPC Enhancements

  • We removed the ‘Select Job’ popup shown even when the email did not contain a job field.
  • When your prospects/clients open the candidates on the “Pitch Candidates” link, they will directly see the files section making it easier and faster for them to review candidates.
  • We shortened the default email for sending MPC links and made it crisper.

Don’t see the enhancements you requested here? Some pretty big ones along with most placeable candidate integration with campaigns coming up next month!

Bulk Upload

  • We added the ability to choose a mapping criteria from a previous bulk upload while performing multiple, similar uploads.
  • We record the file upload activity now when candidates are bulk-uploaded via resumes.

Other Updates

  • We added a custom field change log in the activity tab of candidate and contact profiles.
  • We added new user settings that help account admins control who can add and delete tags or departments.
  • We now automatically add the sender’s signature when a campaign is cloned.
  • We now provide you with the ability to clone templates.
  • We now merge tasks when the associated profiles get merged.
  • We added a drill-down view for the New Candidates Report.
  • We added the ability to see system role permissions under Settings > Users > Roles.
  • We have removed duplicate checks on all social profiles except LinkedIn and Xing, as they strictly do not allow duplicates.

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