Just like that we are nearing the end of Q1. Last month in February, some of the largest companies in the industry declared their results. We will be coming out with a detailed analysis of the major firms and trends that they are seeing – but one thing that we can be sure about is that everyone saw contraction in their revenue as well as margins. Keep an eye out for the analysis – we will be publishing it all on our LinkedIn page. If you don’t follow us there already, give us a follow

As is the tradition – we are hosting a webinar to discuss all the new product updates that we released this quarter. If you are interested in new features released in campaigns, reports and a host of other upgrades, I highly recommend registering for the webinar. Even if you can’t attend, do register to receive the recording. 

Agenda: New features & product updates in Q1 – 2024
When: 12th March (Tuesday) – 11AM EST / 3 PM BST

Alright, on to the product updates! As always, here’s your TL;DR video.

Bulk Field Update: You can now bulk update the values of a field as a bulk action in Recruiterflow. This update will significantly cut short the time and effort it took for you to bulk change values of certain fields in Recruiterflow.

Here are a bunch of other updates that made it to the list. 

  • You can now set default font-family and font-size in rich text editors all across the application. If you use a large screen and want bigger fonts, you can do it now! Very soon, you will be able to create the same default font settings for your emails as well, making sure that all your emails look consistent.
  • You can now customize permissions for dashboard widgets
  • You can now set value for “profile type” custom field on add candidate, contact and company pages.
  • We added ‘Lead Owner’ column in export of “New Candidates” report
  • You can now set account manager as a field in the template
  • You can now clone jobs that are closed
  • You can now bulk delete files
  • New filter: “Added to job by” on jobs page under “by candidate”
  • You can now stop notifications that go out to client when you tag them on client portal.
  • We now show job details from associated jobs if no scorecard is attached to the event in the “interviews” report

That’s it for now! Since you made it all the way to the end, here’s a friendly reminder to register for the webinar. 

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