BardWood case study
Barwood case study

Founded in 2015, BardWood is a leading recruitment firm specializing in staffing solutions for the UK facilities industry. 

With a motto of “Empowering Clients and Candidates,” BardWood has become a trusted partner within the facilities management space.

We sat down with Nilesh Rajgor, Commercial Director at BardWood to understand their business and why they moved to Recruiterflow. 

“We implemented Recruiterflow in the first quarter of 2023. Since then, we have seen a drastic improvement in our processes. It has provided us with the visibility and tools we need to streamline our recruitment processes, reducing costs while improving efficiency and quality of service. The ability to identify and address weaknesses in the recruitment life cycle has helped us in continuous process optimization.The platform has truly enabled us to take our operations to the next level.” – Nilesh,Director, BardWood

What makes BardWood tick?

1. Ethical practice & transparency

BardWood’s transparency, ethical hiring, and unwavering compliance build trust with clients and attract top talent who share those values. They ensure quality and reliability throughout their operations.

2. Fast delivery

BardWood rapidly fills vacancies with qualified, pre-vetted candidates. This speed gives them a distinct edge over competitors and ensures client needs are met with urgency. Their ability to deliver quickly reflects their optimized internal processes and deep talent pool. This showcases unparalleled efficiency within their recruitment model.

3. Clear pricing

BardWood believes in transparent pricing, eliminating hidden costs and fostering trust from the outset.  This clarity streamlines the negotiation process, saving both BardWood and their clients time and ensuring a smooth onboarding experience.

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Business Challenges

On the back of these values, BardWood had grown blazing fast since 2015. By 2023, they were a team of more than 100 people. This exponential growth brought its own set of operational and strategic challenges. Looking at their growth trajectory, Nilesh and others in the BardWood management turned to relooking at their tech stack to solve them. The team identified a few challenges to unlock the next phase of their growth.

Centralizing data

BardWood wanted to centralize their data and have their entire market mapped in one place so that they could effectively leverage their existing relationships to shorten the hiring process and have a really fast turn around time to serve their clients. 

Identify bottlenecks

BardWood wanted to have a detailed understanding of their hiring process and make it more streamlined to improve the productivity of their recruiters. 

Better leverage existing relationships 

BardWood realized that a lot of the time, they advertise for a role or spend valuable time sourcing them only to find that they have an existing relationship with them. BardWood’s almost 8 years of existence had made sure that their database contained a large chunk of the industry but their recruiters didn’t have a reliable way of searching them.

They wanted to ensure that their CRM becomes the first place their recruiters search for data and have high trust in the data in their CRM. 

Bring consistency in processes & increase collaboration

BardWood wanted to break the silos within their team. They wanted to establish consistent processes and share best practices across the team. They wanted to reduce their time to fill and eliminate manual tasks.

BardWood needed a technology partner that could keep up with their super fast growth and help them grow even faster. After considerable effort in evaluation, they picked Recruiterflow and it drove a few major benefits. 

Identify opportunities for operational excellence

The team knew very well that they wouldn’t be resting on their past laurels and they wanted to keep improving continuously.

Nilesh’s mindset was – “In God we trust, everyone else must bring data!”. The management team wanted to rely on data to find opportunities for better operational excellence but also help their clients make better decisions. 

The Solution

After extensive research, Nilesh and team decided to implement Recruiterflow in January 2023. The team got into action and completed implementation by the end of March. The results started showing by the end of the first quarter of implementing Recruiterflow. Nilesh spoke about some of the key changes they were able to bring with the help of Recruiterflow. 

Faster TAT for clients

BardWood was able to expand its database strength significantly. And, more importantly, was able to make Recruiterflow as the first place their recruiters and sourcers turn to find candidates. As a result of this, they were able to rediscover their existing candidates who were pre vetted and place them much faster. 

Recruiterflow also integrates with various job boards like TotalJobs, Reed, CV library and many more which made it easy for recruiters at BardWood to post their job openings to multiple portals in one click. This helped them in faster sourcing of candidates for any open job. The integration between email, job boards, dashboards, calendars and Recruiterflow was seamless. BardWood’s team was able to deliver candidates to clients much, much faster.

The integrations and having a high trust database resulted in 40% reduction in advertising costs for BardWood within 1 year of implementation. 

Streamlined operations

“With the help of detailed pipeline and activity reporting, we were able to identify what’s working and what’s not? We saw where the gaps were and attacked them one after the other! We were able to significantly expand our operations while not expanding our headcount as we found tremendous efficiency boost after the implementation.” 

Better Relationships with clients & candidates

With Recruiterflow’s built-in email sequencing tool, BardWood was able to successfully run targeted email campaigns to – existing candidates for open positions and potential new clients. The detailed email analytics, including open rates and engagement metrics, provided valuable insights to both their recruiting and sales teams, enhancing their outreach efforts.

Training and onboarding 

BardWood embarked on a strategic implementation process to ensure a smooth transition from their current systems to Recruiterflow. This included:

  • Comprehensive onboarding and training sessions for the entire team, ensuring seamless adoption of the new platform.
  • Effective management efforts to overcome resistance and foster a culture of continuous improvement.
  • Integrating Recruiterflow into BardWood’s existing workflows and processes, minimizing disruptions to daily operations.

The Impact 

Bardwood case study

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Without a centralized system, it was challenging to pinpoint issues and address them effectively.

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