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Helping your team stay productive is the best thing you can do to your recruiting operations. This is exactly what MBR Partners did as they moved to Recruiterflow.
We sit down with Neil Martin, Partner & MD Talent Acquisition at MBR Partners to see how they’ve leveraged Recruiterflow.

About MBR Partners:

Founded in 2001 by Mike Barrell, MBR Partners is a globally oriented recruitment business. MBR operates across technology areas like telecom, security, finance, mobility, enterprise software, and ITO & BPO industries. They are a leading talent solutions provider for C-level, leadership, sales, delivery, marketing, and technical recruiting.

What made you look for a new recruiting software for MBR?

Before we moved to Recruiterflow, we were using Bullhorn. We recognized a couple of challenges with Bullhorn.
  • Lack of buy-in from the team

We moved to Bullhorn after it acquired Maxhire, which was our ATS at the time. Whilst Bullhorn had the advantage of being cloud-based, everything seemed unnecessarily complex and slow to do. Even logging in seemed to take a long time. We were also using a Linkedin recruiter and our workflow evolved over time to exclude Bullhorn. We reverted to using our own notes and relying on Linkedin. As a business owner, it was important to find a product that the team saw a benefit in using, enhancing collaboration across the business and for us to scale with.
  • Lost productivity

The complexity of Bullhorn really prevented us from getting the most out of it. Essentially you need to follow Bullhorn’s workflow rather than the product adapting to ours. Just doing simple things seemed difficult and we seemed to be duplicating work rather than automating it. I also found that to get the functionality I wanted I needed to engage with their ecosystem partners and pay again for functions that should have been included as standard.

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What made you choose Recruiterflow?

I  was doing some research into platforms and came across Recruiterflow. What was immediately impressive was the way I could sign up for the whole product and get started with it – no qualification pitch, no demo, and importantly no training required. I sourced a few candidates using Robin (Recruiterflow’s chrome extension) and started working on them. I then invited my team members and everyone got started super quickly. Rather than having to force the team to use it, their reaction was simply – wow!
A few key benefits are:
  • Really easy to set up: If you know how to use LinkedIn Recruiter, you can get started with Recruiterflow really easily.
  • The integration between our email, job boards, Linkedin, and Recruiterflow is seamless. Using Robin we are able to fulfill most tasks directly from our inbox. We use it to add profiles, assign jobs and create notes without having to even change the tab in our browser! There are no duplication and candidate profiles can simply be dragged into the solution. (Learn more about Recruiterflow’s product features) 
  • GDPR – the team at Recruiterflow has really thought about how to automate compliance.  
  • Automation – The introduction of the Recipe function in Recruiterflow allows for a high degree of automation in the qualification of candidates. Before speaking to candidates we now already have most of the details we need from them and hence a lot of time is saved.
  • As soon as you sign up for the trial, you realize that Recruiterflow has been built using today’s cutting-edge technology. Unlike Bullhorn which has been on the market for years, there are no legacy headaches to think about when making changes. This has helped the Recruiterflow team to start from scratch and designed an ideal new solution with no compromises. This also means that the team is able to take our recommendations on board and release updates every few weeks. Even in the 5 months, we have used the product it has improved hugely and this pace of improvement is quite impressive.
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