Complete sourcing tool kit

Source candidates, engage them and advertise your jobs

source candidates

1-click sourcing anywhere

Source candidates from LinkedIn and other social platforms with just 1-click
Find anyone's personal email address
Reach out to sourced candidates straight from chrome extension

Versatile Email Sequences

Automate your follow ups and double your response rates
Use fields to personalize your message
Access rich reports to understand what works and what doesn't
source candidates
sourcing campaigns

Source with your team

Send emails on hiring manager's behalf and take over when candidate replies
Test your email templates and different versions of your pitch
Got external sourcers? No problem. Setup your sequence and get external sourcers to source for you.

Triple your sourcing efficiency and double your response rates.

Recruiterflow makes it really easy for you to post your job on various job boards, design a beautiful careers page and attract great candidates. It's your complete toolkit. Everything you need to get started on building great teams.

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