Complete sourcing tool kit

Everything you need to source candidates. Chrome extension, careers page builder & job posting.

source candidates

1-click sourcing anywhere

Source candidates from LinkedIn, Github, AngelList and Xing with just 1-click
Find anyone's personal email address
Reach out to sourced candidates straight from chrome extension

Post your jobs on job boards

Automatically your job on LinkedIn, Indeed, Zip recruiter and other job boards for free
Start receiving candidates straight on your dashboard
Unique URL for each job so that you can post it just about anywhere!
source candidates

Design careers page

Design beautiful careers page without any coding
Mobile friendly and SEO optimized
Track traffic and other careers page data points
Integrate Google analytics and improve your marketing performance.

Triple your sourcing efficiency and double your response rates.

Recruiterflow makes it really easy for you to post your job on various job boards, design a beautiful careers page and attract great candidates. It's your complete toolkit. Everything you need to get started on building great teams.

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