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The Rise of YourCode: From a Small Team to a Leader in the Recruitment Industry

Joshua and Seon started YourCode to build a business in technical recruiting. It was a difficult and competitive space but they decided to stick to the basics. Getting great candidates to clients fast without any fluff. Become the recruiting partner that their clients could rely on. They soon found themselves overwhelmed with work as clients sought out their specialized services. 

Very soon, they realized that they had cracked the code of building great recruiting businesses. The playbook and their values were clear to them. With this clarity and success, they decided to expand and take the conglomerate route. They created a group company called YCG that invests or acquires great recruiting businesses and helps their founders implement the playbook that worked so well for YourCode. 

With determination and a commitment to quality work, he and his team expanded their business into a conglomerate of recruiting agencies catering to various industries, including construction, medical, automotive, and hospitality under the YCG umbrella. 

Today, YCG and its subsidiaries are leaders in their respective industries. What started as a small business has become a major player in the recruitment industry.

One of the keys to their success has been their unwavering commitment to consistency, ensuring that the clients and candidates receive top-notch services from start to finish. Another factor contributing to their growth is their velocity in delivering candidates at lightning speed to the client. These factors and their expertise in the recruitment industry have solidified YCG’s reputation as a leader in the industry.

Our success would not have been possible without the right tools to manage our business. Recruiterflow has played a crucial role in enabling us to manage our conglomerate of recruiting agencies effectively. With Recruiterflow, we can easily track the progress of our recruiters and sales teams, ensuring that we maintain the high level of consistency that our clients have come to expect from us. Additionally, the streamlined communication tools and automated workflows have allowed us to deliver faster results to our clients, further solidifying our position as a leader in the recruitment industry.

The Business model

“Our business model is a little bit different. We would sometimes invest in a business that is already there and operating. Other times, we would invest in a company where it’s just an idea.”  

YCG adopts a unique business strategy, where they either invest in established companies by acquiring 50% ownership. Else they fund start-up ventures that are still in their ideation stage. The reason behind this approach lies in the fact that it’s not always possible for YCG to manage and build a business in a remote location, such as Poland, on their own. Thus, they look for a seasoned industry veteran to lead the expansion and provide the necessary support, while YCG takes care of the financial aspect.

To keep tabs on the companies they invest in, YCG relies on regular reports from the directors. These reports include updates on the financial performance of the businesses and highlight any areas that require additional support. 

“Recruiterflow plays a crucial role in enabling us to effectively manage our investments. With its advanced features, Recruiterflow provides us with a comprehensive and centralized platform to monitor the performance of recruiters and sales teams. This includes real-time data and analytics on key metrics such as conversion rates, job placement statistics, and sales figures, allowing us to stay informed and make data-driven decisions”

YCG’s four pillars of success 

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1.Working Remotely: The Key to Attracting Talent Globally

YCG recognizes the importance of remote work in attracting talented individuals from all corners of the world. However, managing remote teams and clients also comes with its own set of challenges. For instance, ensuring synchronization of team efforts and reaching clients in a non-traditional office setting. This can often lead to a more restrictive and challenging sales process.

Recruiterflow has been a game-changer in effectively managing our remote recruiters and processes. With its centralized database, collaborative platform, real-time reporting, automated workflow, and access control features, we are able to streamline our recruitment process, increase efficiency, and maintain transparency.

2.Fostering the Right Mindset and Skills: Prioritizing skills over experience 

YCG’s recruitment strategy places greater emphasis on hiring individuals with the right mindset and skills, as opposed to just a background in recruitment. However, effectively and quickly training new recruiters to become proficient in the system and processes can be a challenge.

Recruiterflow helps us address this challenge with its highly customized onboarding training. This equips new recruiters with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively use the platform

3.Embracing High Velocity: Delivering Results in a Flash

YCG has established a reputation for delivering results quickly, with the ability to provide high-quality CVs to clients in a short amount of time. This sets the company apart from its competitors and builds confidence in the recruitment process.

Recruiterflow provides us a comprehensive platform that streamlines our recruitment process. It enables us to reach clients efficiently through its search and campaigns feature. With its tools for tracking and organizing communication, clear and consistent communication with clients can be ensured, even when working remotely.

4.Ensuring Consistency and Reliability: Maintaining Quality from Start to Finish

At YCG, consistency and reliability are at the forefront of the recruitment process. Clients can rest assured that the same level of service and attention is given to each and every vacancy.

Thanks to best-in-class technology and processes we use. With Recruiterflow, our clients can experience a seamless and consistent experience, ensuring confidence in our recruitment process.

The catalyst for change: Why YCG moved from Firefish to Recruiterflow

We left firefish because we had to press so many buttons to achieve what we wanted to do. And the features like Chrome Extension and advanced email campaigns were also missing. Another thing was they were very rigid about their contracts which was a major turn off for us

Recruiterflow is the silver bullet to all our sales woes. It has a Chrome LinkedIn extension, flexible contracts, and amazing email automation that has made our sales process so much easier to manage. We’re saving a lot of time with Recruiterflow, but what really sets it apart is the ability to automate follow-ups. We can now focus on making new sales and not worry about following up with leads. Plus, whenever we get leads through LinkedIn, we can quickly add them to a nurture campaign with just a few clicks.

Deal Tracking

See Recruiterflow in action – schedule your personalized demo now!

When asked about the top features in Recruiterflow that significantly enhanced their recruitment process, Joshua instantly replied 

Recruiterflow chrome extension 

With Recruiterflow chrome extension our recruiters are able to find the email IDs of potential candidates from their social profiles and have access to a vast pool of potential candidates.

Cherry on the top is the candidates can directly be added to Recruiterflow and recruiters can launch targeted drip campaigns to attract top talent. This feature has made it easier for our recruiters to manage their recruitment efforts and streamline the hiring process.

Email campaigns

The shift towards remote work in the IT sector has made it challenging for sales teams to reach potential clients. Traditional methods such as calling the office or sending emails are often ineffective, as it’s difficult to find mobile numbers and emails may be ignored.

Recruiterflow has been a godsend for our sales team as we navigate the challenges of remote work. The platform offers a simple solution for managing sales efforts in a virtual environment. Our sales teams can now track email engagement with ease, giving them insight into who has opened their emails. This information is proving invaluable in follow-up efforts, as it creates a sense of accountability and makes it harder for potential clients to ignore our sales team’s efforts.

The impact

We have been able to increase our business through recruitment automation by twice as much as before. This is because we no longer have to worry about the manual process of following up with customers.  The system automates it for us, saving us a significant amount of time. It’s not just the time savings though, it’s also the challenge of remembering to follow up with different businesses. When selling to many different companies, it can be difficult to keep track of all the steps involved, such as LinkedIn, email, and phone follow-ups. 

“With Recruiterflow on our side, it’s like having another member on the team, working tirelessly to help us bring in new business and deepen our relationships with existing clients.”

Recruiterflow has been a game-changer for us, providing us with a competitive edge in their recruiting efforts. By streamlining our email marketing and follow-up processes, Recruiterflow has been a real shot in the arm for our productivity, saving us the equivalent of a full-time employee’s salary each year. 

With Recruiterflow’s intuitive platform and seamless integration with LinkedIn, YCG teams are now able to send out targeted emails to new prospects in a fraction of the time, freeing them to focus on what they do best – bringing in top talent for their clients.

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