August 2023 Product Update

It’s been an absolutely bonkers month! India landed on the south pole of the Moon to probe the surface and confirm the existence of water on the lunar poles. Monumental! Not too far away from mission control of Indian Space Research Org(ISRO), our engineering team was hard at work crunching out

July 2023 Product Update

If you are in the northern hemisphere, I hope you are enjoying the summer!  It’s been another very productive month for our engineering team. Here’s a TL;DR video.  Introducing Teams If you are admin, you can now create teams in your organization. A team consists of a manager and members and

June 2023 Product Update

Our engineering team again had a big month. I wonder why! (appraisals *cough” appraisals). Well, all jokes aside, we delivered some serious upgrades. To start with, we continued our work on deeper use of AI in Recruiterflow to eliminate the friction in just getting things done! We rolled out a major

May Product Update 2023
May 2023 Product Update

Going with our tradition of releasing multiple bangers in one month – this one’s going to be long too!  Before we go into the product update, today I am going to be making a guest appearance on a webinar hosted by our friends at The agency blueprint to talk about leveraging

Product Update – April 23

At the beginning of this year, we promised that this year is going to be massive for product innovation here at Recruiterflow. To follow through on that promise, we’ve almost doubled our engineering team size in the last few months.  This means that we are going to be releasing some serious

March 2023 Product Update

Our team is back from our team offsite in Sri Lanka – tanned and re energized as we gear up for a massive new release for Recruiterflow and plan for a lot more to come. As, always, here’s a TL;DR Custom Activities Alright, another biggie! Every firm, runs their recruiting &