How to Recruit Remote Software Developers in 2023

Recruiting software developers has always been a challenging endeavor. And the shift to remote work has further complicated the hiring process. The demand for quality software engineers continues to soar, and it is predicted to grow by 22% by 2029, further exacerbating the competition among companies to attract top-notch software developers.

objection handling in recruitment handling in recruitment
Common Objections in Recruitment and How to Overcome Them

Dealing with objections is an inevitable part of being in the recruiting business. If you’re in the field, chances are you’ve already encountered your fair share of them. You might spend hours perfecting and delivering a great recruiting sales pitch to your prospects, only to be met by an avalanche of

video interview recruiting
The Ultimate Recruiter’s Guide to Video Interviewing

Video interviewing has gone mainstream. Not too long ago, it was used sparingly as a tool to interview candidates from abroad and screen large applicant pools. Now, it’s difficult to find a job without a video interviewing process. In fact, a poll of HR professionals found that around 86% of businesses

Top Marketing Strategies for Staffing Agencies To Attract High Ticket Clients
Recruitment Marketing Strategies to Attract Clients for Your Recruitment Business

Staffing and recruiting companies are known to have a terrific sense of both active and passive candidates. However, what truly helps successful staffing agencies stand out from the crowd is their ability to position themselves in the recruiting landscape and inspire clients and candidates to choose them over their competitors. Being

Recruiting tech talent
4 Best Practices for Recruiting Tech Talent

A 2012 study found employers with excellent recruitment processes experienced 3.5 times more revenue growth and twice the profit margin relative to organizations using less capable recruitment strategies. Top recruiters are in high demand, especially for the tech industry. 70% of this industry is estimated to have a skill shortage, and the

negotiating recruitment agency fees
How to Negotiate Recruitment Agency Fees

The negotiation of fees and rates is an inevitable part of your job as a recruiter. And, if you’re not careful, a client can negotiate your fee down to a pitifully low rate. The right negotiation tactics affect not only your earnings but also the level of service that your clients