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Alright, so Q1 has been busy and it seems like Q2 is going to get even hotter in terms of product releases! Updates on what kept us busy this month are below. 

Before we get into product updates, I want to talk about recruiting automation. With our new automation features, we wanted to do for recruiting & staffing what marketing automation does for software companies. 

This created possibilities that never existed for recruiters and we know that there are a gazillion use cases that our users come up with! 

In the last 3 months, we’ve seen our users deploy automation to 

  • Create an unforgettable candidate experience without doing an iota of extra work!
  • Create playbooks to keep candidates nurtured and make sure that you stay in front of your rockstars
  • Increase collaboration and make sure that nothing slips through the cracks

We saw some of the best use cases of automation that our users have deployed and are now hosting a webinar to talk about some crazy use cases of automation in Recruiterflow. The webinar will be hosted on 3:30 PM GMT / 11:30 AM EST on 27th May. If you’d like to attend, just hit reply and we will send you an invite.

Support for emails in Maildrop

To support our customers who are posting jobs straight on Indeed instead of posting via our native Recruiterflow integration, you can now put the maildrop link for each job in Recruiterflow as an email address where Indeed should send all the applicants. As candidates come in, we will parse those resumes and create candidates in the applied stage of the appropriate job. 

Faster Load time for Jobs, Campaigns, and Recipes Page

We achieved this by dynamically loading only the first 10 jobs/campaigns/recipes instead of fetching the entire payload from the server in the run time. Now, as you scroll, we dynamically fetch information so that if you have a long list to open, the page load doesn’t take much time! 

Apart from these, here are the minor ones. 

  • Support for mark email primary in extension
  • Include files in external API 
  • Option to enable slack notifications for note mentions in settings
  • Recipes: Split the earlier  “My jobs” option into three – “Jobs where I’m a recruiter | Account Manager | both”
  • Last Stage Movement Date filter in advanced search
  • Fix bounce calculation in campaign reports
  • Add more columns Job export
  • Maildrop changes to add new emails to existing candidates instead of overwriting them.
  • Bunch of bug fixes and optimizations

We have a pretty big May and June coming up! Stay tuned for more updates. 

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