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The Magic Of Recruitment CRM In A World Of Virtual Work

The pandemic accelerated existing trends in virtual work, automation, and the recruitment industry. This has led to companies trying to adopt new behavior revolving around technologies like a recruitment CRM.  Sectors like finance, management, professional services, and IT have the highest potential, with more than half of employee time spent on

Making a Mark in the Modern Recruitment Market with Ben Farber

Ben Farber represents the 3rd generation of proud family ownership of Bristol Associates, a boutique executive search firm. In this article, he shares his top strategies to stand out in the modern recruitment landscape as a recruitment agency firm. As modern work continues to adapt to the impact of Covid-19, we’ve

recruitment marketing plan for staffing agency firms.
The Ultimate Guide: How to Create a Recruitment Marketing Plan for Your Staffing Agency?

As a recruitment agency owner, you know you need a marketing plan to get clients and drive revenue. And recruitment marketing is no cakewalk in the modern sales world. It’s hard to keep tabs on potential clients when you’re working on several hundred hiring pipelines internally. You might also be short

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25 Recruiting Email Templates Recruiters Can Use

Are your cold recruiting outreach emails falling flat? Struggling to grab the attention of candidates and clients in today’s crowded inbox? You are not alone. On average, less than 10% of cold emails ever get a reply. To increase the chances of getting a reply, your emails need to stand out

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Automate your repetitive tasks – Introducing Recipes

As recruiters, we spend a large chunk of our time on repetitive activities instead of building relationships with our candidates. Recipes are a way to claim your day back from mundane activities!  With Recipes, we introduce automation to Recruiting. Recipes are a simple way to instruct Recruiterflow to take certain actions

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I am sick of the word “AI-powered”

I recently saw this tweet from Matt Charney “Who here thinks AI in recruiting is totally BS and all hype?” Awkward silence as I’m the only person who raises their hand… — Matt Charney (@mattcharney) September 21, 2017 I am just too wary of the term “AI powered” and the illusion