recruiting productivity
5 ways to improve your recruiting productivity

Recruiters spend only 37% of their time actually recruiting. So what makes up the rest of their time? The admin activities and the mundane repetitive tasks don’t add value to a recruiter’s day.  Recruiting is a fast-moving business. Recruiters understand that talking to more candidates and onboarding more clients and roles

activity based recruiting
Make more predictable placements with activity-based recruiting

Recruiting is an unpredictable business, and many factors beyond your control play definitive roles in your success. For example, consider your placement records. One month, you are on a streak, increasing placements by 50 percent! You’ve finally cracked the code to recruiting — except next month, nothing goes right. You’re following the same approach

recruiting operations
Bringing Productivity to your recruiting operation: A study on MBR Partners

Helping your team stay productive is the best thing you can do to your recruiting operations. This is exactly what MBR Partners did as they moved to Recruiterflow.   We sit down with Neil Martin, Partner & MD Talent Acquisition at MBR Partners to see how they’ve leveraged Recruiterflow.   About