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How to Choose the Best Recruiting Software [fFee Checklist Inside]

68% of recruiters say the best way to improve recruiting performance over the next five years is by investing in new recruiting technology. More recruiters are relying on recruitment software to improve their productivity, widen their reach to get the right candidates, streamline their hiring pipeline, and save time by automating

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The Magic Of Recruitment CRM In A World Of Virtual Work

The pandemic accelerated existing trends in virtual work, automation, and the recruitment industry. This has led to companies trying to adopt new behavior revolving around technologies like a recruitment CRM.  Sectors like finance, management, professional services, and IT have the highest potential, with more than half of employee time spent on

Talent mapping
Talent Mapping: The Complete Guide For 2024

Thanks to the pandemic, there are two tectonic shifts that are changing the way we look at work and the way we work: the Great Resignation and the remote work. These are massive changes happening in the recruitment landscape and they are only gaining momentum with time.  According to the most

Making a Mark in the Modern Recruitment Market with Ben Farber

Ben Farber represents the 3rd generation of proud family ownership of Bristol Associates, a boutique executive search firm. In this article, he shares his top strategies to stand out in the modern recruitment landscape as a recruitment agency firm. As modern work continues to adapt to the impact of Covid-19, we’ve

Best video interview software for hiring managers and recruiters in 2021.
Top 13 Video Interview Software in 2024 [Free + Paid]

As a recruiter, one of the top priorities is to get qualified candidates moving through your hiring pipeline as efficiently as possible. A key tool that helps recruiters do this is video interview software. More HR managers and recruiters are relying on these platforms to streamline their hiring process and reduce

Talent Acquisition CRM?
Why ATS is not enough & Do you need a fully functional Talent Acquisition CRM?

Recruitment has fundamentally changed. We live in a world where 43% of the American workforce between the age of 22–34 is freelance. In a time when the most major cultural and economic shock that we are trying to deal with machines and AI taking over more and more human jobs. In