This month, for the first time we will be at the “Recruitment Agency Expo” in London, UK on 21st and 22nd March! If you are around, come say hi to us at our booth. We’ve got some delicious goodness waiting for you.

Alright, over to the product update, we’ve got a lot of ground to cover. Here we go! As always, here’s a TL;DR video. 

Automatic Data Refresh

Your data is one of your biggest assets but the problem with data is that it gets stale very fast. That’s why we are rolling out data refresh. As part of this, we will be aggregating data from multiple sources so that your data stays fresh. This means that if anyone in your database changes a job, gets a promotion or moves to a new city, you will know automatically. If this is something that can be of interest to you, hit reply or reach out to customer support. 

Resume Formatting

A very frequently requested feature. This feature allows you to create formatted resumes that are submittal ready. With this feature, you can create custom header/footer, create coversheets and automatically hide/redact information on a resume. This feature is going to be available for scale & enterprise plan users only. Check out the help docs here to see how to create formatted resumes.

There are some other pretty big releases, I am going to have to mention them below but some of them are really really exciting!

  • New Notification center under Settings -> Profile. You can now control the email notifications that you receive. 
  • If you have a custom role created, you can now restrict if the custom role can change lead owner or delete records.
  • We added bonus as a field in placement record for jobs whose engagement type is contract
  • We added placement record created/updated triggers in recipes and zapier 
  • Any custom stages that you might have created will now be there for you to pick in the dropdown on the “interview plan” tab when you edit/setup a job
  • Decreased minimum time interval in scheduling dropdown to 15 minutes (it was 30 minutes earlier)
  • Added BCC support when you send an email to a single recipient
  • Candidate location is now a field in the Stage Breakdown report export

That’s all for now! Stay tuned for more!

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