Game of Thrones and Recruitment
What Game of Thrones Teaches us About Recruitment

Winter is coming this season (7) and we all can’t wait for 16th July to watch the first episode. Game of Thrones never ceases to surprise us and I am sure this season will be no different. While we anxiously wait for these unexpected events, there are a few lessons that

Talent Acquisition CRM?
Why ATS is not enough & Do you need a fully functional Talent Acquisition CRM?

Recruitment has fundamentally changed. We live in a world where 43% of the American workforce between the age of 22–34 is freelance. In a time when the most major cultural and economic shock that we are trying to deal with machines and AI taking over more and more human jobs. In

recruitment framework
Recruitment Process Framework for Startups

Talent management and recruitment have been the top priorities of global CEOs for years now. Unfortunately, talent acquisition also stays on top of the list of things that keep founders and CEOs awake at night. One of the foremost reasons for this is startups don’t think about setting up a recruitment

Hire faster with outbound recruiting
How to Use Outbound Recruiting to Hire Faster

According to a survey conducted by LinkedIn, only 25% of the candidates are actively seeking a job. The majority of the candidates are out of the market. Your success as a recruiter is contingent on how effectively can you recruit passive talent. Out of the passive candidates, 15% are “tiptoers” who

Social Media Recruitment
How to use Social Media for Recruiting

Social media is the second most effective source for hiring candidates after referrals. According to research by Aberdeen Group, 73% of employees (18-to-34-year-olds) found their last job through a social media network. Using social media for recruiting purposes gives you access to a large global pool of candidates. Facebook has more than

data driven recruitment
How to Develop a Data-Driven Recruiting Strategy

Data today is what oil was in the 18th century. Data is present in an enormous amount and those who are able to extract it meaningfully can reap a huge reward. The same applies to recruitment as well. The massive amount of data being collected in recruitment and related processes when