recruitment framework
Recruitment Process Framework for Startups

Talent management and recruitment have been the top priorities of global CEOs for years now. Unfortunately, talent acquisition also stays on top of the list of things that keep founders and CEOs awake at night. One of the foremost reasons for this is startups don’t think about setting up a recruitment

data driven recruitment
How to Develop a Data-Driven Recruiting Strategy

Data today is what oil was in the 18th century. Data is present in an enormous amount and those who are able to extract it meaningfully can reap a huge reward. The same applies to recruitment as well. The massive amount of data being collected in recruitment and related processes when

careers page design
Step by Step Guide to Design Beautiful Careers Page

Companies tend to focus heavily on creating a fantastic experience across web and mobile for their customers and partners but not so much on prospective candidates. Why is that? A shoddily designed careers page can give the impression that you probably don’t care about candidates and employees much. Delivering a path-breaking

recruitment process
6 Point Strategy to Improve Recruitment Process

Great teams make great businesses and the first step of building a great team starts with a great recruitment process. Here are some of the recruitment tips that we have learned after spending years recruiting great people and building awesome teams on improving your recruitment process. Understand what you want The

employee referral program
Employee Referral Program and its Benefits

The Employee Referral Program enables employers to utilize their existing employee network to identify potential candidates for various open positions. Effectively, an employee referral program is your strategic plan to tap into your team’s network to find the next rockstar hire! Consider this. On average, the first connections of your teammates