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Clearpoint, a Houston-based staffing agency founded in 1999, specializes in IT and marketing placements. With a small, efficient team of 12 employees, Clearpoint serves a wide range of clients, from large corporations to small agencies. They offer contract, contract-to-hire, and contingent staffing solutions tailored to each client’s needs.

In our discussion with Monica Gonzalez, Special Projects Manager at Clearpoint, we delved into Clearpoint’s business model, the hurdles they faced with their previous recruitment software, and how the introduction of Recruiterflow significantly streamlined their hiring procedures, ultimately contributing to business expansion. Monica’s insights provide a straightforward view of the practical advantages Recruiterflow brought to Clearpoint’s talent acquisition efforts.

A Journey of Adaptability and Growth

The hallmark of Clearpoint’s journey lies in its unwavering commitment to adaptability and growth. They’ve embraced change as a catalyst for evolution by continuously refining their processes and elevating their services. 

In this case study, we delve into how Clearpoint harnessed the formidable power of Recruiterflow to reshape its recruitment landscape and surmount recruitment challenges.

Blueprint of Efficiency: Clearpoint’s Workflow

Clearpoint’s workflow is tailor made to deliver consistent outcomes to their clients. Their extensive experience has allowed them to navigate the staffing terrain seamlessly. Here’s a glimpse of their well-honed workflow:

 Clearpoint’s obstacles with its previous recruitment software “mploy”

“Our previous recruitment software “mploy,” served its purpose for a time but had limitations. The lack of updates, customization options, and difficulty in candidate searches were notable pain points. As our business evolved, mploy couldn’t keep up. We realized it was time for a change to a more flexible, modern and feature-rich platform.”

Clearpoint’s journey towards embracing Recruiterflow wasn’t without its trials. Their previous recruitment software, “mploy,” fell short on several critical aspects:

1. Lack of Updates and Customization: mploy lacked the ability to provide necessary updates, modifications, and customizations.

2. Limited Candidate Search: The system’s search capabilities were limited, making it challenging to find specific candidates.

The Quest for a Solution

Clearpoint’s unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional results for clients is at the heart of everything they do. The same philosophy was central when they started looking for a new solution for their team. 

Clearpoint firmly believes in the profound impact of one-on-one relationships and their ability to provide reliable support whenever required. 

They had specific criteria in mind when searching for their new recruitment software, which included:

Customization and Flexibility

The software should align seamlessly with Clearpoint’s unique recruitment processes and procedures.

Streamlining Recruitment Workflow

Automation was a priority, from candidate engagement to timesheet management, across the entire candidate lifecycle.

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Effective Communication and Relationship-Building

Maintaining strong client and candidate relationships was non-negotiable.

Enhanced Candidate Search Functionality

Efficient and comprehensive candidate search capabilities were a must. Clearpoint has had a treasure trove of data meticulously collected over years and years of operations. Ability to make the best use of their data was a top priority. 

Ease of Use

Clearpoint was looking for a solution with advanced capabilities but simple UI/UX so that their team has the least trouble transitioning and they can drive deeper adoption across the team.

Why Recruiterflow

“Recruiterflow has been a game-changer for us. It addressed several pain points we had with our previous system. The ease of candidate search, automation of recruiting processes, and the ability to send campaigns have been major advantages. While we haven’t fully integrated all its features into our workflow yet, we’re working towards that goal. The system’s customizability and ability to streamline tasks like job postings and email communication have made a significant impact. We’re excited about the potential it offers and look forward to maximizing its capabilities.”

Clearpoint’s decision to adopt Recruiterflow can be distilled into the software’s unmatched features, which seamlessly align with Clearpoint’s objectives and operational flow. 

Customization and Updates

Recruiterflow offers Clearpoint the ability to customize their recruitment process, ensuring it aligns with their needs. Regular product updates and modifications are available to keep the platform up to date.

Advanced Candidate Search

Recruiterflow provides an advanced candidate search feature, making finding and managing candidates easier.

“The biggest light bulb moment for me with Recruiterflow was realizing that you can search text in attachments. In our old system, if a resume wasn’t copied into a specific window and was only attached as a file, searching would only look through the copied text. If it wasn’t there, you couldn’t find candidates, and you would miss out. It’s the ease of being able to search candidates, along with the automation possibilities, that stood out to us.”

Data Migration Assistance

The Recruiterflow team took charge of migrating data from the legacy system, ensuring a smoother transition.

“I anticipated the data migration would be challenging due to the fundamental differences between the two recruiting systems. But Recruiterflow’s support team guided us through the process, which was truly invaluable. It was a seamless collaboration – I gathered information from ‘mploy,’ once we had the details, I handed them over to the Recruiterflow team. They took care of the rest. I did not need to delve into technical jargon; instead, I focused on how to map the data effectively. With Recruiterflow, I didn’t have to worry about the intricate details of the migration process.”

User-Friendly Interface

Recruiterflow’s user-friendly interface helps Clearpoint’s team work more efficiently.

“In a previous attempt, we explored the migration to another database, but the complexity of that transition led to considerable frustration among our team. This unfortunate setback prompted our return to mploy. However, Recruiterflow stood out with its powerful features, yet it remained remarkably user-friendly and simple. This unique blend of functionality and ease of use was pivotal in switching to Recruiterflow.” 

Campaign Automation

Clearpoint loves the campaign feature, which helps them improve client and candidate communication and business growth.

“Another compelling aspect that strongly influenced our decision was Recruiterflow’s campaign functionality. Clearpoint has specific sales objectives as a company, but allowing independent account managers the flexibility to execute different strategies at various times is invaluable. The concept of campaigns within Recruiterflow allows us to automate these processes. Also, the system helped us to re-engage with stakeholders we hadn’t interacted with for a while”

Visual Mapping

The platform was adapted to Clearpoint’s needs, ensuring data was structured and displayed as desired. 

Enhanced Candidate Pool Management

Identifying and engaging potential candidates quickly improved Clearpoint’s candidate pool management.

Impact of implementing Recruiterflow

Clearpoint reaped several quantifiable benefits post-adoption:

Team Wide Adoption

Recruiterflow’s user-friendly interface significantly contributed to a seamless team-wide adoption at Clearpoint. It allowed recruiters to adapt to the platform without extensive training quickly. As a result:

  • The learning curve was reduced.
  • The chances of errors were minimized.
  • Recruiters were able to direct their energy towards identifying and engaging top talent rather than struggling with the system.

Faster submittals and placements

Enhanced search capabilities significantly reduced the time spent on finding suitable candidates.

“The ability to conduct searches has been a game-changer. It’s astonishing how many opportunities were missed before simply because we weren’t searching effectively. The ease of use is remarkable. You can effortlessly navigate, click, enter, and edit information. Customizing fields, tagging items, and performing advanced searches for pinpoint accuracy are all at your fingertips.

What’s truly impressive is its versatility. Every recruiter has their own way of working, and knowing that you can accomplish the same task in multiple ways is liberating. You can search using keywords, custom fields, or various filters. For instance, in the past, we used to input “Employee Monica,” and it would pull up all the Monicas. Now, with Recruiterflow, we’ve learned to use the advanced search feature to narrow down results quickly. It’s about optimizing efficiency and ensuring everyone can easily find what they need.”


Recruiterflow’s automation streamlined recruitment tasks, allowing Clearpoint’s recruiters to allocate their time to tasks that matter them most i.e fostering great relationships and making great placements.

Streamlined Workflow and Team Collaboration

“LinkedIn Recruiter is a significant tool in our arsenal, which we utilize extensively. The seamless integration between LinkedIn Recruiter and Recruiterflow’s ATS has been a tremendous asset.

Previously, there was a bit of a delay when moving data from LinkedIn to our system. However, with Recruiterflow, we can swiftly set up LinkedIn integration, streamlining the process. It allows us to consolidate tasks that used to involve several steps, like opening the job in our system, performing the necessary actions here, and then replicating them on LinkedIn. Now, we can handle everything in one place.”

Clearpoint’s day-to-day recruitment workflow and team collaboration have witnessed marked improvements.

  • Simplified Communication: Sending emails directly through Recruiterflow simplified communication and reduced the need for external email sequencing platforms.
  • Faster Access to Candidates: Advanced search and filtering options expedited access to candidates’ profiles, enhancing productivity.
  • Customization Capabilities: The flexibility to customize job postings and streamline candidate submission processes was a boon.

“We’re very happy with Recruiterflow, and one of the reasons is the future customization. It’s great to know that we can suggest improvements and updates and the team is responsive. We can now say, ‘We wish we had that,’ and they’ll consider implementing it.” 

Clearpoint’s journey with Recruiterflow is a story of transformation, efficiency, and the pursuit of excellence in talent acquisition. It underscores the power of the right technology in propelling businesses toward greater success.

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