Recruiterflow April Product Update

April 2024 Product Update

I read this fantastic article that most investments are bad. If you look at the data of US stocks, a handful of them would drive most of the value creation over a long period of time. Got me thinking – would that be true for recruiting? And sure enough, there is

Product Update March 24

March 2024 Product Update

Subject: MPC campaigns and Boolean Searches MOST PLACEABLE CANDIDATE MPC as a sales tactic has been as old as this industry itself. We’ve seen hundreds succeed with this sales tactic. Until now, there wasn’t a great way to pitch your candidates to clients. Now there is!  There are two major use

February 2024 Product Update

Just like that we are nearing the end of Q1. Last month in February, some of the largest companies in the industry declared their results. We will be coming out with a detailed analysis of the major firms and trends that they are seeing – but one thing that we can

Recruiterflow product update january

January 2024 Product Update

I hope the new year is off to a fabulous start. Can’t say that for Robert Half who announced their results just yesterday. Their net income for Q4 2023 dropped 40% y-o-y from $148 million in Q4 2022 to $87 million. Ouch!  Before we get into the details of the product


October 2023 Product Update

As we settle into the fall, it’s time to be festive and bracing yourself for typically what’s going to be a busier than usual quarter for recruiters. We are hosting a product updates webinar where we are going to demo and take questions on all the newly launched features of the

Recruiterflow product update

September 2023 Product Update

End of another quarter! I am sure you are busy wrapping up your quarter and gearing up for the next one. So, I am going to keep this short.  If you are visiting the Recruitment Agency Expo at Birmingham (The UK one, not the one in Alabama!), visit us on booth