Recruiterflow April Product Update

I read this fantastic article that most investments are bad. If you look at the data of US stocks, a handful of them would drive most of the value creation over a long period of time. Got me thinking – would that be true for recruiting? And sure enough, there is a similar trend – although not as skewed. A handful of your customers who keep coming back would generate majority of your revenue. We are now digging deeper into our data to find numbers around this.

Here goes – the not-so-secret sauce of building a successful recruiting business – “Get repeat clients who stick with you for years on end!”

Let’s get into the product updates then! ?

Better Data Visualization with Drill Down View in Reporting

We have a new way to zoom out and visualize your data with the Drill Down View capability in Reports. This view is available for Days in Stage and Milestones Reports. With this view, you will be able to accurately understand what’s happening on the recruiting side of your business.

data analytics in recruitment

Automate Emails to Disqualified Candidates with New Recipe Action

We have now added a ‘Disqualify Candidate’ action under Recipes to help you filter profiles that do not meet certain criteria. You can set an automated flow for this using any of the triggers available.

Other Updates

Here are some other updates that made the cut this month ?

Custom Activities

  • We now auto-associate a custom activity on a contact record with its company record and vice-versa so that all your data is in sync.
  • You can now customize your Live Candidate widget further with our latest “Added to job by” filter in the dashboard.
  • You can now include some job custom fields in the organic job feed

Client Portal

  • You now have the ability to embed links in the job profile page (to be viewed in the client portal).
  • You can also customize contact views of the candidate and job tables in Client Portal settings.

External APIs

  • We have added new endpoints to create custom activities.
  • We have also added company image to job-related endpoints.
  • The Recruiterflow API now supports the Parent-Child custom field in the external API.
  • You can now add a candidate to a job/move stage/disqualify them at a specific time.
  • We have some new endpoints: /api/external/job/status/list and /api/external/resume/parse.
  • We have a new endpoint to get a list of contact statuses.

Advanced search

  • You have a new “Job Type” filter for jobs
  • The ‘State’ filter now has an “is one of” filter which replaces the “contains” filter. So “Kansas” will no longer match “Arkansas” ?

?Bug fixes and other updates

  • We have whitelisted some job board emails (,, for mail drop.
  • You now have the ability to star mark a candidate while on their profile (for a specific role).
  • We now support emojis for disqualification reasons.
  • We now show a confirmation pop-up while locking and unlocking the candidate profiles.
  • Resume formatting is fixed and new lines will now be recognized correctly.
  • We have added “Created on” in the deal profile popup to show the creation time of the deal.
  • You can now associate the most recent job with the candidate’s custom activity.
  • We now process small and large bulk uploads separately so that smaller ones don’t get blocked.
  • We upgraded the rich text editor across the app.

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