oct 22 product update

Happy Diwali! We truly hope that this festival of lights brings you joy and success! 

This Diwali, we’ve been busy expanding our waistlines as well as expanding features in Recruiterflow. 

Here’s also a TL;DR to summarise the major changes. 

Increased bulk email and SMS limit to 1000

Earlier, you could send a 100 of each in one go. While this limitation was in place to make sure that your messages don’t get flagged by spam filters, we’ve increased the send limits, while at the same time making sure that you don’t get flagged! The limit imposed by email provider still applies. 

In the last product update, we announced that you can now create a hierarchy of parent – subsidiary structure in companies. We further enhanced this with search. Now you can search candidates/contacts filters and search if those parameters apply to any of the related companies as well. Here are a few search filters where you can include related companies in the search parameters. 

Candidates Search –  Job Company filter

Contacts Search   – Company radius search filter (this is also a new filter)

Contacts Search  – Company name filter

Companies Search – Contact radius search filter (this is also a new filter) 

Companies Search – Company name filter

Apart from these, here are a few minor releases. 

  • Added email “Does not contain” option in Email search filter in Advanced Search.
  • Added new columns on the job export namely Closed on, No. of openings, Candidates Submitted & Candidates Hired
  • New Deals table view
  • Added fields for candidate lead owner and job recruiter name in recipe action
  • Added job-related fields for candidate trigger in recipe
  • Count of new notification on the bell icon
  • Added days ago/days after dropdown in the latest event filter in Advanced search
  • Added education details column in candidates table

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