Live our values, Build your career!

A team of founders
This is who we truly are - a tight-knit group with the teamwork and professionalism of a pro sports squad. We're not just team members; we're owners of our work.
Lean, clean, flying machine
Doing more with less is how we solve problems at the Flo. Instead of throwing more hands at a problem, we focus on being smart, product-focused, and resourceful.
High-quality thinking, lightning-fast execution
We believe in hustling smarter, not harder - ensuring we spend time thinking hard on the why and how. It's about taking the time to lay a solid foundation. We're all dreaming big and planning for the long haul, but when it comes to action, we hit the ground running like there's no tomorrow.
“What will it take?”
We are goal-driven in the way we plan. We always start by asking where we need to be. Then chart the course back from that, asking what it will take to be there.
Caring meritocracy
Striking a delicate balance between extreme output orientation and an environment of support. In situations where output is missing, we don’t shy away from making tough decisions while rallying as a team to support those facing challenges.
Open debates, honest feedback
Our culture is defined by curiosity and a readiness to question and challenge ideas, viewing disagreements as opportunities for growth. This open environment fosters a symphony of diverse voices, enhancing our creative and strategic output.