Careers at PArallelDots

About us

ParallelDots is a venture backed startup building Artificial Intelligence solutions for enterprises. Our algorithms understand large unstructured data like text, images and videos to glean insights and make decisions using advanced Deep Learning and Machine Learning techniques. These algorithms, modelled on the human brain, have many critical applications like audience segmentation and personalization for improving users' engagement, real time news and social media monitoring for brand sentiment analysis, data augmentation for improving enterprises' search etc. Our technology is available over APIs and SDKs for enterprises and developers to power their innovative Apps and Websites.

Artificial Intelligence will shape the world in the times to come. Join us as we shape the future. Do not take just our word for it, here's what Elon Musk would work on if he were 22 -

Why work with us?

Opportunity to build the skill of the decade

You get an unique opportunity to build, deploy and scale Machine Learning models to serve thousand of requests per second. This is a unique time to be able to build this skill as the field is growing but opportunities are far and few in-between.

Open and Friendly Atmosphere

Working on cutting-edge technology requires promoting an open and friendly culture. Failures are not frowned upon and you will be encouraged to go above and beyond your role to fix things that are broken

Growth, growth and more growth

Working on the top skill of this decade means you will be growing your career at 10X rate as compared to solving simple programming tasks at non-technical organisations.