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2011 was the year everything began... Marfeel was one of the startup finalists VI Campus Entrepreneurs in Madrid, Spain. Although not one of the 3 winners, many of the mentors were won- over by the team and its business potential and they made the plunge to invest in Marfeel anyway. This is the chain of events that connected Xavi Beumala with Juan Margenat, one of the mentors who invested in the first round—and the start of the journey.

Since then, Marfeel has innovated and continued to keep the client at the centre of everything. 2021 launched the beginning of Marfeel Compass, the content intelligence platform which helps clients to:

- Build synergies and alignment across teams with data-informed decisions to unlock the full potential of their content and audiences.

- Produce impactful content that attracts more visitors and deliver personalized experiences to maximize the outcomes.

All in real-time, all in no-code.

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