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We Specialize in Placing Elite Sales, Pre-Sales Technical and Customer Success Leaders into Career-Defining Roles at High-Growth Technology Companies.

At FX10, we know you want to maximize your career earnings through purposeful, deliberate movement up the GTM organization. All without getting stuck in all-too-common no-win situations that kill your momentum and limit your income potential.

The problem is, knowing the difference between a boom or bust role takes experience, expertise, connections and research. And let’s face it, you’re far too busy crushing your current goals to adequately flush out all of the details and nuances that accurately predict your success in a new role.

This leaves many elite go-to-market leaders missing out on the career-defining opportunities that change the trajectory of their income, lifestyle and career forever. Subsequently, they end up forfeiting hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars in opportunity and earnings.

Don’t let this happen to you.


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FX10 saves you time and effort by taking you directly to the hiring manger for elite Sales Leadership and Individual Contributor roles you didn't know were open.

PRE-SALES Technical

High-growth technology firms need world-class SAs and SEs like you to help them achieve ambitious ARR goals. We get you in front of the decision maker fast.


Great CS leaders are hard to come by and our clients know it. If building CS systems and teams that accelerate and defend ARR is your jam, let's talk.