Careers at e2x

About e2x

e2x is Europe's longest established and most experienced Oracle ATG consultancy. We have recently merged with OLR to form the world's largest independent Oracle Retail integrator. With an exemplary track record, we have built lasting relationships with global brands and retailers, providing a 100% referenceable client base.


We believe that the best way to deliver projects is to use simple practices in a highly disciplined, transparent and iterative process; encouraging communication and innovation to support highly skilled people in doing their jobs well. Our mantra "Quality Expert Delivery" emerges from the talent and hard work of the individuals who make up our organisation.

Why work for e2x?


We believe that delivering engineered quality software is a craft, an art, and a science.


We take the word 'team' seriously. We build communities of practice and don't allow single points of failure. We thrive together.


We will show the world how hard work pays off, but also how to leave the office on time. We embrace a healthy work/life balance.