LACS: School Principal

Los Angeles, CA, Full time


DESCRIPTION: The school principal serves as the principal leader of Los Angeles Christian School and will provide the leadership and administrative oversight to ensure that the school accomplishes its mission to equip and empower students to be Christian leaders for the city.


ORGANIZATIONAL ACCOUNTABILITY: The Principal will report to the Los Angeles Christian School Board of Directors. 


DESIGNATED RESPONSIBILITIES: The school principal will be responsible for all the operational, personnel, and educational responsibilities of the school, as described below. 


COMPENSATIONAnnual Salary between $65,000 - $72,000 based on experience and qualifications.  Benefits include medical, vision, dental and life insurance, matching retirement. 



  1. Mature Christian faith.
  2. Strong leadership skills and experiences.
  3. Ability to effectively work with a diverse group of people.
  4. Cultural awareness, knowledge, and sensitivity.
  5. Bilingual Spanish.
  6. Cross cultural ministry experience.
  7. Approachable, flexible, inclusive.
  8. Knowledgeable about state educational regulations.
  9. Proficient knowledge of school curriculum, classroom management, and assessment and evaluation.
  10. Proficient knowledge of child and adolescent physical, emotional, and intellectual development.
  11. Strong oral and written communication skills.


PREFERED QUALIFICATIONS: College degrees in Education or related field from an accredited college or university; pastoral or ministry leadership experience.





  1. Promote and protect the mission and values of the school.
  2. Facilitate a safe and positive school environment.
  3. Facilitate positive staff and student morale.
  4. Facilitate an academic environment that promotes student achievement.
  5. Work with teachers and other educators to develop school instruction and academic goals and programs.
  6. Train, support, and evaluate all school staff.
  7. Establish and lead the school leadership team.
  8. Promote the school with supporters, volunteers and churches.
  9. Work with the board to revise or create policies and procedures as needed.



  1. Ensure that the school meets all legal requirements required of a private school.
  2. Know and enforce policies that protect the school from liability.
  3. Provide required staff training in school policy and procedures.
  4. Oversee the effective operational and educational administration of the school.
  5. Work with the board and Business Administrator in developing and managing the annual budget.
  6. Ensure the adherence of school financial policies and procedures.
  7. Ensure the adherence of school human resource policies.
  8. Ensure that student records are maintained correctly.
  9. Develop and manage school calendars and schedules.
  10. Develop and/or revise all operational and administrative policies and procedures.

Instruction, Teachers and Staff

  1. Ensure that the school meets or exceeds California state curriculum and instruction standards.
  2. Work with teachers and other educators to evaluate and select new curriculum as needed.
  3. Review job descriptions and responsibilities with all school staff each year.
  4. Provide supervision, support, and annual performance reviews to all school staff each year.
  5. Provide a teacher observation process and feedback.
  6. Facilitate effective professional development opportunities.
  7. Recruit, interview, and hire school staff as needed.
  8. Facilitate new staff orientation.
  9. Plan and lead regular staff meetings.
  10. Assist teachers with classroom management and student discipline as needed.
  11. Work with teachers to develop effective strategies for students who exhibit at-risk behaviors and/or learning disabilities.
  12. Recruit and use substitute teachers as needed.


Students and Parents

  1. Facilitate new student application, interview, and acceptance procedures.
  2. Plan and direct new student/parent orientations.
  3. Provide student counseling, discipline, and due process to students as needed.
  4. Plan and implement student recognition programs.
  5. Secure student services with outside agencies, as necessary.
  6. Facilitate teacher, parent, student conferences as scheduled.
  7. Remain available and responsive to parent concerns.
  8. Work with parents to plan and facilitate Parent-Teacher Fellowships.


Budget, Fund Raising, Marketing

  1. Develop the annual budget in conjunction with the school Stewardship Committee and the Board of Directors.
  2. Manage the school budget in conjunction with the school Business Administrator.
  3. Oversee fund raising activities, including the Student Sponsorship Program, general support, and staff support.
  4. Assist the board and volunteers with school fundraising events.
  5. Work with staff, board, and volunteers with marketing the school for student enrollment and financial support.
  6. Network with local churches for student enrollment.
  7. Network with supporting churches.


Facility and Operations:

  1. Ensure that the school facilities meet all state and local health and safety standards.
  2. Ensure facility maintenance and cleanliness.
  3. Ensure the maintenance of school equipment, machines, computers, and supplies.
  4. Create and implement safety and emergency response plans.
  5. Promote school safety by implementing safety drills for fire, earthquake, neighborhood emergencies, lockdown, etc.



  1. Facilitate and promote extra-curricular activities, including athletics and clubs.
  2. Attend extra-curricular activities as able.
  3. Ensure supervision for school activities and events.




  1. Maintain a mature and healthy spiritual life.
  2. Maintain professional and ethical standards that are above reproach.
  3. Represent the school in a positive and professional manner.
  4. Communicate appropriately with others.
  5. Use discretion and maintain confidentiality regarding information about staff, students, parents, or other areas related to the school.
  6. Be tactful, patient, and courteous when dealing with others.


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