Unbundle: Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Revenue-as-a-Service

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Unbundle Studio: Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Revenue-as-a-Service

At Unbundle, we partner with future founders to build great companies.

We're a venture studio with two beliefs: Companies that unbundle their cost centers will spend less and grow more because they'll focus on their unique products. And teams dedicated to excellent service provide better careers than a cost center essential and underfunded in most companies.

Newly-funded startups have so much to do to develop a best-in-class Revenue function: develop their GTM architecture, CRM systems, strategy and metrics, plus the incentives and HR resources to build a winning sales team.

Venture studio Unbundle seeks a full time Entrepreneur-in-Residence to productize Revenue for early-stage startups. We’ll replace the need for a sales leader and sales ops team (SF admin, SF engineer, Analyst, Sales Training, etc.), and save early-stage startups the time and money it takes to build it all in-house from scratch. By removing sales management as a cost center, we allow companies to invest in sales profit centers (reps, SDRs).


Position Overview

We’re looking for a RevOps innovator who’s built high performing Sales functions and now wants to build a high performing company. We seek to standardize, productize, and distribute a best-in-class RevOps and GTM architecture solution that gives founders their best shot at bringing their vision to the world.


In this role, you will…

  • Collaborate on the initial service offering and GTM strategy
  • Build out the initial pitch to potential clients
  • Work with Unbundle’s network and your own to begin generating leads

You’ll thrive in this role if you…

  • Have often thought about building your own startup 
  • Love a high risk/high reward opportunity
  • Excel at helping people share your vision
  • Deeply understand the mind of early-stage startup founders
  • Have applied experience building RevOps frameworks, functions, and teams to scale
  • Have applied experience building out B2B sales functions and teams
  • Have as much systems thinking skill as raw hustle

Compensation and Benefits

  • Cofounder equity
  • Base salary $120,000 - $130,000k
  • Remote work
  • Health Insurance (Medical, Dental, and Vision)
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