Local juice processing company seeking a fruit sorter to join the team. 

The fruit sorter is in charge of inspecting and classifying the fruits according to their quality, size and other specific criteria. Its function is to ensure that only high-quality and undamaged fruits are selected for packaging and distribution. This positions is vital to ensure that the fruits are properly selected, complying with the established quality and safety standards.


Job type: Full-time; temp-hire

Location: Camino, CA

Pay: starting at $19-20hr

Hours: Sunday, 11:00am-7:30pm & Monday-Thursday, 4:30pm-1:00am (OT will be provided)


Some of your responsibilities include:

 1. Visual inspection: Thoroughly examine the fruits to detect any defects, damages or quality problems.

 2. Classification: Separate the fruits according to their size, color or degree of maturity to comply with the established classification standards.

 3. Removal of defective fruits: Eliminate fruits that do not meet quality requirements to ensure that only the best ones are sent to the packing process.

 4. Registration and documentation: Keep an accurate record of the quantity and quality of the classified fruits, as well as any relevant observations.

 5. Work area maintenance: Keep the workplace clean and organized to facilitate the sorting process and avoid cross contamination.

 6. Collaboration with the packaging team: Work closely with the stacker and other team members to ensure a smooth and efficient production chain.



- Minimum of 2 years working in a Quality Control/ Assurance role

- Impeccable attention to detail and organization

- Excellent written and communication skills

- Highly skilled with documentation processing 

- Proficiency in MS Word, Excel, Power Point, Google Sheets and docs

- Willing to get certified if not already certified in PCQI, HACCP and other SQF program certifications as required.



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