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Win probability

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Internal users

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{[user.first_name + (user.last_name === null ? "" : " " + user.last_name)]} {[]} {[user.roles[0].name]}  


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{[user.first_name + (user.last_name === null ? "" : " " + user.last_name)]} {[]}

External Recruiters

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{[user.first_name + (user.last_name === null ? "" : " " + user.last_name)]} {[]}   
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{[]}{[(tagCount[] === undefined ? '' : (' (' + tagCount[]+ ' candidate' + (tagCount[] > 1 ? 's' : '') + ')'))]} Replace    Delete
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{[]}{[(sourceCount[] === undefined ? '' : (' (' + sourceCount[]+ ' candidate' + (sourceCount[] > 1 ? 's' : '') + ')'))]} No actions available for system sources Replace

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Careers page settings

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Application footer notes

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Make scorecards private

Job board settings

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Enable Indeed and SimplyHired job posting


Enable GDPR compliance

  days after the candidate has been inactive.
Email template

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Max. emails / day (per campaign)


Enable unsubscribe footer in email campaigns


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Send and receive email  

Enables 2-way email sync. Log all the candidate emails automatically on Recruiterflow and send emails from Recruiterflow using your official email id.

Schedule Interviews  

Permission to schedule interviews on your calendar

Your GSuite account is connected to Recruiterflow
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To connect your acccount, please follow these steps-

  • Install the Recruiterflow app from the GSuite Marketplace. While installing, please choose the Domain Install option. This can only be done by a domain admin. Please refer to the video below for installation instructions.
  • Once the app is installed, please provide permissions by clicking here
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{[]}  {[fld.view_field_name]}
{['Editable by Admin' + (fld.roles.length == 0 ? '' : ', ')]}{[(role == constants.VIEW_FIELD_ROLE_RECRUITER ? 'Recruiter' : (role == constants.VIEW_FIELD_ROLE_EMPLOYEE ? 'Employee' : (role == constants.VIEW_FIELD_ROLE_JOB_CONTACT ? 'Job contact' : (role == constants.VIEW_FIELD_ROLE_HIRING_MANAGER ? 'Hiring Manager' : ( role == constants.VIEW_FIELD_ROLE_EXTERNAL_RECRUITER ? 'External Recruiter' : ''))))) + ((fld.roles.length - 1 == $index) ? '' : ', ')]}

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View/edit permission

  Job Contact
  Hiring Manager
  External Recruiter


  Candidate public profile
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  Job filter


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