DevOps Engineer

Delhi, Full time

Location: Delhi

Experience : 2 - 3 years

CTC: 3 - 5 LPA


-  Should have minimum 2-3 years of experience with using a broad range of GCP technologies to develop and maintain an cloud solution, with an emphasis on best practice cloud security.


Key Responsibilities :


-  Design, architect, and implement next generation deployment architecture and automation solutions.


-  Implement, maintain, and improve Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Testing, Continuous Delivery and Deployment environments.


-  Perform analysis of best practices and emerging concepts in DevOps, Infrastructure Automation, and Enterprise Security.


-  Application Metrics of Python and JS Frameworks.


-  Capacity planning and automating configuration of aerospike, ELK, Kafka, AWS EC2.


-  Autoscaling and Time-scaling of applications.


-  Cost optimization of infra cost through proper planning and deployment. Costing and budgeting of AWS Infrastructure.


-  Writing Docker file for container centric deployment.


-  Writing ansible playbooks to automate Nginx, DNS, Service onboarding, Monitoring, Build and Deployment.


-  Setting up different Kafka, Logstash, Filebeat, Aerospike, Redis clusters, mongo clusters, Jenkins jobs through proper automation.


-  Actively taking part in resolving critical production issues and coming up with solutions to mitigate the same.

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