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Meet Recruiterflow

A growing number of ambitious teams expect more from their ATS and choose Recruiterflow for its ability to not just track applicants but also to source and engage candidates.

Do they help you convert more passive candidates?

Your success entirely depends on how many star candidates are you able to attract to your positions. Recruitee and other applicant tracking systems don't really help you attract and engage them. Recruiterflow takes care of this for you with its talent marketing suite that allows you to send super personalized automated drip campaigns to your prospects and keep them engaged.

Does it give you sourcing superpowers?

Recruiterflow comes with a sourcing chrome extension that can find any prospect's personal email id on your favorite social channels like LinkedIn, Github, Behance, Twitter and Dribbble. With just one click add prospects to your pipeline and convert them with drip campaigns.

Is it really worth the money?

Recruiterbox is priced per seat. It costs $270/month for a basic 3 recruiters seat and additional $90 for each seat. If you like to collaborate with your team on the hiring process, this will end up running into thousands of dollars before you know it.

You are in great company!

Ridiculously easy

After trying out multiple solutions, we finally decided to go with Recruiterflow. It is ridiculously easy to use, not just for me but the entire team.
Mahesh Suthar - Head of Talent, Headout

Best ATS I have worked with

Recruiterflow increased my team's efficiency multifold and our time to hire decreased by 30%! There couldn't have been better value for money we spent on this.
Harsh Raikwar - Co-founder & CEO, Guarented

Recruitment couldn't be easier

Before Recruiterflow we struggled with keeping tabs on various positions and progress of different candidates. This cost us dearly in missed opportunities. Not anymore! -
Sattvik Mishra - CEO & Co-founder - Scoopwhoop


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