Commissioning Producer

Mumbai, Full time

About us :

At Dice Media, we believe in making fresh and relatable long-form content, while pushing creative boundaries. Having tasted success with trendsetting shows like Little Things, What The Folks! and Adulting, we’re aiming to work with budding storytellers from India and create more web-series. For the same we are looking to hire for the following role:


As a Commissioning Producer (CP) you will:
Tap into your relationships with external creators, including writers, and production houses, and develop them further to collaborate with Dice.
Read scripts in order to screen for potential web series
Help develop the selected concepts with external creators into scripts
Have had some writing experience and are hungry to co-create real and relatable content
Are skilled at developing ideas and concepts into complete web series  
Enjoy a collaborative working relationships with fellow creators and brands
Consume digital content and are well aware of the latest trends in the long from space
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Work Links*
What excites you about this role the most, and what aspect would be a challenge?*
Name 3 Indian script writers who has written films or shows that you like, and describe why you like their writing. What writing traits did you appreciate?*
Name 3 international shows that you like, and describe what factors made it a good show. What lessons would you derive from the show?*
Name 3 not-so-established script writers whom you know personally, whose work has not been published, but that you think highly of. Why do you like their work?*
Name a show that's generally critically acclaimed, but you consider to be overhyped or not very good content. Explain why you take this position.*
What were the last 2 scripts you read and when? If the last script you read is covered under confidentiality, feel free to give only selective details about it.*
What did you like/not like in the following Dice web series: Little Things S2, What The Folks S2, and Adulting. Suggest at least 2 ways - scripting and development - in which you could have improved each of the above series.*